What kind of pcb board needs immersion gold and goldfinger

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What kind of pcb board needs immersion gold and goldfinger


First of all, let’s first introduce what is immersion gold? The copper on the circuit board is mainly red copper. The cooper joints point are easily oxidized in the air. This causes electrical conductivity, that is, poor tin attaching or poor contact, which reduces the performance of the board. Therefore, the cooper joint points need to be surface treated. The immersion gold is gold-plated on it. Gold can effectively block copper metal and air to prevent oxidation. Therefore, immersion gold is a kind of surface oxidation treatment. It is covered with a layer of gold on the surface of copper by chemical reaction is also called melting gold.

immersion gold

So what is a goldfinger? The straightforward we are talking about is the brass contact point, which can also be said to be a conductor. In detail, it is the part of the memory bank that is connected to the memory slot. All the signals are transmitted by the goldfinger. There are many yellow conductive contact slices. It’s named for the surface is gold-plated and the conductive contact slice are arranged like the shape of finger.

The advantage of the immersion gold craft is that the deposited color on the surface is very stable when printed on the circuit, the brightness is very good, the plating layer is very flat, and the solderability is very good. Generally, the thickness of immersion gold is 1-3 Uinch, which can be basically divided into four stages: pre-treatment (de-oiling, micro-etching, activation, post-dipping), sinking nickel, immersion gold, post-treatment (waste gold washing, DI washing ,drying).

However, the immersion gold craft is more expensive than other tin-spraying crafts in the production cost aspect . If the thickness of the gold exceeds the conventional craft of the  manufacturing board factory, the cost is even more expensive, of course, if you have higher requirements for solderability and electrical properties of the board , it will be another matter. For example, if your circuit board has goldfinger that need to be immersion gold, or if the board’s line width/welding pad spacing is insufficient, then it is best to do the immersion gold + gold-plated finger craft, so the board is welded very well. The performance of the circuit board is also very stable, the welding pad will not fall off, the contact will not be poor, there will be no short circuit, etc., and it is also very shockproof and anti-drop. It’s certain we will not break the board deliberately.


There is also another case where the circuit board has goldfinger, but the surface of the board without gold finger can be selected the spraying tin craft goldfinger according to the situation, that is, in the case of the line width of the circuit board and the welding pad spacing are sufficient, the welding requirements are not high, the production cost can be effectively reduced without affecting the usage of the board. However, if the board’s line width and pad spacing are insufficient, then the tin-spraying craft will increase the production difficulty greatly. There will be more short-circuit conditions such as tin bridges connection, and the goldfinger will often be inserted and stripped which will lead to defective phenomenon .

Therefore, we can choose the manufacturing board craft that suits us according to the actual situation of our own board, that is, not only controlling the cost but also without affecting the usage of the board.

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