Various through hole PCB welding methods

565 Published by FASTPCBA 12月 20,2018

Various through hole PCB welding methods

PCB welding

PCB welding

1, Manual welding

Suitable for very small batch production.PCB welding quality depends on the training, experience and skills of operators.Can improve the welding quality level of operators through training courses and standards.

Advantage: cheap price.

Disadvantages: labor intensive work, PCB welding quality completely depends on the technical level of operators.

2, Dip soldering

Using this method of PCB welding, the staff need to be close to very hot tin cans and contact link in the air flux smoke, so this method is difficult to do, the staff may also be dangerous.

Advantages: low cost and fast PCB welding speed for each solder joint.

Disadvantages: old technology, small production batch, disordered and dangerous PCB welding process, welding is not very accurate, there will be some short circuit between the solder joints, need to carry out some inspection and rework.

3, Wave soldering

Wave soldering is by far the most common and effective method, and the wave soldering system has a solder tank large enough to handle the maximum width of the circuit board you expect.Wave soldering is suitable for medium or large batch PCB welding.

Advantages: high return on investment, the whole PCB welding process is controllable and repeatable, and the operator can be employed after simple training.

Disadvantages: the cost of the wave soldering system is higher than the above mentioned welding methods, but the PCB welding cost of each circuit board is the lowest, the wave soldering system occupies a large space in the workshop.

4, Selective welding

Selective PCB welding is a special welding method.When the circuit tube has been installed with other components, can no longer use the wave soldering system to install the through-hole components, the choice of PCB welding is the only way to solder the through-hole components on the circuit board is a good method.

Advantages: good repeatability and environmental controllability, expansibility, can increase the output by adding modules.

Disadvantages: quite expensive, slow, requires intensive training of operators, can be reduced through software options, each specific choice of welder is related to the layout of the circuit board.

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