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Cleaning PCB

Cleaning PCB

Tips for cleaning PCB boards

In the manufacturing process of printed circuit board, pollutants will be generated, including dust and debris in the manufacturing process, such as the residual of solder and adhesive.If the PCB board cannot effectively ensure clean surface, the resistance and leakage will result in failure of the PCB board, which will affect the service life of the product.Therefore, cleaning the PCB is an important step in the manufacturing process.

Semi-water cleaning mainly USES organic solvent and deionized water, and a certain amount of active agent, additive composition of cleaning agent.This cleaning is between solvent cleaning and water cleaning.These cleaners are organic solvents, flammable solvents, high flash point, low toxicity, and safe to use, but must be rinsed with water and then dried.

Water purification technology is the development direction of future clean technology. It is necessary to establish a pure water source and discharge water treatment workshop.With water as the cleaning medium, surfactants, auxiliaries, corrosion inhibitors and chelating agents are added into the water to form a series of water-based cleaning agents.It can remove water solvents and non-polar pollutants.

Used in the welding process without a clean flux or a clean solder paste, solder directly into the next process cleaning, no longer free cleaning technology is currently the most commonly used alternative technology, especially mobile communications products are basically disposable to replace ODS.Solvent cleaning is mainly used for solvent dissolution to remove pollutants.Solvent cleaning due to its rapid evaporation, strong solubility and other characteristics, require simple equipment.

All the above four cleaning techniques can achieve certain cleaning effect, but how to quickly and effectively clean the PCB board?The application of ultrasonic cleaning machine can be solved.It utilizes the effect of ultra-high frequency to convert into kinetic energy in the liquid medium, resulting in cavitation effect, forming numerous and countless tiny bubbles, and then hitting the surface of objects, making the surface dirt fall off, thus achieving the cleaning effect.Because it’s through the liquid, as long as the liquid can touch the surface of the surface can be cleaned in place, leaving no dead Angle.

It can work on every surface of multiple objects at the same time.This is very effective and quick, and can be cleaned for about 15 minutes.One advantage of using ultrasonic cleaning is that it can be effectively reduced, improve the ability of solder pads and components, and reduce electromagnetic interference.

Cleaning PCB

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