What tests are included in PCB manufacturing?

PCB board PCB manufacturing process is pretty complex, including PCB circuit board process, component procurement and inspection, SMT patch assembly, DIP plug-in, PCBA test and many other important processes. PCBA testing is the most critical quality control link in the entire PCB manufacturing process, which determines the final performance of the product. So what are the PCBA test forms? Below FASTPCBA will organize the introduction for everyone.


PCBA&PCB manufacturing tests mainly include: ICT test, FCT test, aging test, fatigue test, and test in harsh environment.


  1. The ICT test mainly includes the on/off, voltage and current values and fluctuation curves, amplitude, and noise of the circuit.


2, FCT test requires IC programming, simulation test of the function of the entire PCB manufacturing circuit board, found problems        in hardware and software, and equipped with the necessary smt processing production fixtures and test stands.


  1. Fatigue testing is mainly to sample the PCB assembly circuit board, and perform high-frequency and long-term operation of the function to observe whether there is a failure and judge the test failure probability, so as to feedback the working performance of the PCBA board in the electronic product.


  1. The test under the harsh environment is mainly to expose the proofing pcb manufacturing board to the limit value of temperature, humidity, drop, splashing water and vibration, and obtain the test result of the random sample, thereby inferring the reliability of the entire PCBA board batch product.


  1. The aging test is mainly to energize the SMT pcb manufacturing board and electronic products for a long time, keep their work and observe whether there is any failure fault., the electronic products can be sold in batche safter the aging test.


The PCB manufacturing process is complicated. Various problems may occur due to improper equipment or operation during the process of production and processing, , and the products produced are not guaranteed to be qualified. Therefore, PCB testing is required to ensure product quality.

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