In 2018, technology will change those areas

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The year 2017 has passed, and many exciting technological advances have emerged in the year, as well as a number of start-ups that have upended conventional wisdom.Some tech companies have not only increased their incomes, their profits have increased, their share prices have risen.Shares of apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and amazon all rose more than 33%.However, oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, Autodesk, HP, dell and Intel all rose more than 25 percent.In 2018, technology will continue to subvert people’s lives and imaginations.Technology

A large number of electric vehicles will be driven to the streets.

Under the combined action of various factors, 2018 will be a breakthrough year for electric vehicle industry.Electric vehicles come in all sizes and shapes: electric auxiliary bicycles, single-wheel bikes, segway scooters, power scooters, and so on.All of these have some common characteristics.One is battery-powered, so they are small and clean, benefiting from the huge demand for batteries in the smartphone industry.Second, they are convenient and relatively cheap, with prices ranging from $300 to a few thousand dollars.Third, they are safer on separate bike lanes.Fourth, these vehicles are like smartphones with wheels.The year 2018 will be a generally accepted year for electric products.

Cameras will be part of more devices, even if they don’t have screens.

Cameras have become so cheap that they are everywhere.They are found in cars, doorbells, baby monitors and other products.In the past, cameras existed to show things to humans.But with the rise of machine-learning technology, computers can parse images, and the camera’s biggest user will be the machine.This means that manufacturers will be able to create more devices for the camera system so that they can display lower levels of environmental intelligence.Although there are privacy issues, but as you can run the image recognition of artificial intelligence software needed for the new chip, some of the equipment will be more in the local processing, and do not send information to the cloud, which can alleviate these concerns.Technology

Autonomous vehicles will quietly become a reality.

Autonomous vehicles have been in a weird part of the hype cycle.People have been watching the media for more than a decade, but no one can buy it.On the other hand, the technology has made great progress, Waymo began in Arizona Chandler (Chandler) provide driverless cars share, autonomous driving this is by far self-driving cars is the most important milestone.Traditional car makers will not try to sell self-driving cars until 2020, but they will provide more and more semi-autonomous functions.More pedestrian changes in the driving experience will be combined with Waymo’s launch to normalize self-driving cars.In some developed cities in 2018, we will see self-driving cars running through the streets.Technology

These are only part of the development of 2018, not the only theme.We look forward to hearing more from different areas: cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, augmented reality, a lot of enterprise r&d chips, fragmentation of global Internet information, and so on.In an age of innovation, the only thing you can be sure of is that tomorrow will be very different from today.

General patch SMT processing, and the machine should consider when pasted on when there is a certain error, and consider to facilitate maintenance and visual appearance inspection, two adjacent components cannot be too close to body, to keep a safe distance.So how close are the two components?

In addition to ensuring the safe distance between the welded plates, the maintainability requirements of vulnerable components should also be considered.General assembly density requirements are as follows:

1.Between the chip components, between SOT, SOIC and chip components, 1.25mm;

2.Between SOIC, SOIC and QFP are 2mm:

3.PLCC and chip components, SOIC and QFP are 2.5mm:

4.The PLCC is between 4mm.

5.When mixing assembly, the distance between the cartridge element and the plate element welding disc is 1.5mm.

6.When designing a PLCC socket, be aware of the size of the PLCC socket (because PLCC pins are in the bottom of the socket).

Component layout rules.

Under the condition of design license, the layout of components in SMT processing can be arranged in the same direction as the same components, and the modules of the same function are arranged together.The same encapsulated components are placed in equal distance so that the components can be mounted, welded and tested.

The safe distance between components.

QFP, PLCC.The common feature of these two devices is the four-sided lead package, which is different from the appearance of the lead wire.QFP is gull wing lead, PLCC is j-shaped lead.Since it is a four-sided lead package, it is not possible to adopt wave soldering process.

QFP, PLCC devices usually in PCB components surface, if you want to cloth secondary reflow welding technology in welding surface, its weight must be satisfied: every square inch of welding angular contact bearing weight should be less than or equal to 30 grams.

The above is the technical soft text that jing state small editor provides for you. “how close are the two components?”For more technical articles, focus on more.

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