Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Surface Mount Technology (SMT), also known as surface assembly technology, is a new generation of electronic assembly technology that compresses traditional electronic components into components that are only one tens of volume, thereby realizing high-density  high reliability, miniaturization, low cost and automation of assembly of electronic products. Mounting these components on the circuit is called the SMT technics, and the associated assembly equipment is called the SMT device. At present, advanced electronic products, especially computer and communication electronic products, have generally adopted SMT technology. The output of international surface-mounted components has increased each year, while the output of traditional components has been declining, so SMT technology will become more popular along time.

SMT is one of the most popular technologies and technics in the electronics products assembly industry. It has features as below.


(1) High density assembly, small volume of electronic products, light, and the volume and weight of the chip components are only about 1/10 of conventional plug-in components. Generally after SMT is used, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40% to 60%, and the weight is reduced by 60% to 80%.


(2) High reliability, strong anti-seismic ability, and low defect rate of solder joints.


(3) Excellent high frequency characteristics, reducing electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.


(4) It is easy to realize automation, improving production efficiency and reducing costs.


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