SMT processing quality common term

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SMT processing quality common term

The SMT processing industry has developed till nowadays, and common industries terms are widely spread. As a beginner, you must understand the term of the electronic processing industry. Below, the technicians of FASTPCBA Technology will sort out some common used terms in SMT processing.


1, The ideal solder joint:

(1) The solder joint surface has good wettability, that is, the molten solder should be spread over the surface of the metal to be welded, and form a continuous, uniform and complete solder coating layer, and the contact angle should be less than or equal to 90°;

(2) Apply the correct amount of solder, the amount of solder should be sufficient;

(3) With a good welding surface, the surface of the solder joint should be continuous, complete and smooth, but it does not require a very shinny appearance;

(4)A good solder joint position , the positional deviation of the lead welding end of the component on the welding pad should be within the specified range.

2, Non-wetting: The contact angle between the surface of the soldered metal and the solder on the solder joint is over 90°.

3, Open welding: after welding, the PCB board is separated from the welding pad surface

4, Suspension bridge: One end of the component leaves the welding pad and is in an Oblique or upright position.

5, Bridgingconnection: The solder joint between two or more solder joints that should not be connected, or the solder of the solder joint is connected to an adjacent wire.

6, Virtual welding: After welding, electrical isolation sometimes occurs between weldterminals or pins and welding

7, Tip: There is a burr in the solder joint, but it is not in contact with other solder joints or conductors.

8, Solder balls: solder balls that adhere to conductors, solder filmor printed boards during soldering.

9, Hole: There are holes of different sizes at the welding position.

10, Positional offset: When the solder joint is longitudinally, rotated, or laterally offset from the predetermined position in the plane.

11, Visual inspection method: The quality of PCBA solder joints is visually inspected by means of a low magnification magnifying glass with illumination.

12, Post-weld inspection: Inspection of the quality after completion of PCBA welding.

13, Rework: A repair craft process to remove local defects from surface-assembled components.

14, SMT inspection: When the surface mount components are mounted or completed SMT processing, the quality inspection is carried out for the presence or absence of missing, misplaced, mislabeled, damaged, etc.

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