SMT patch production process management

213 Published by FASTPCBA 12月 07,2018

SMT patch production process management

The first, Management of solder paste printing process

First is the management of Smt patch preparation before printing:

1. Require relevant personnel to be familiar with the process requirements of the product;

2. The selection, collection and inspection standards of PCB, template and solder paste should be formulated. For example, Sn43/Pb43/Bi14 and Sn42/Bi58 should be applied at low temperature, Sn96/Ag4, Sn95/Sb5, Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 and Sn95.5/Ag3.8/Cu0.7 should be applied at high temperature, lead-free and high tension.Snl0/Pb90, Sn10/Pb88/Ag2 and Sn5/Pb93.5/Ag1.5 should be used for high temperature, high tension and low value applications. If the PCB received is found to be damp or contaminated, the PCB shall be cleaned and baked according to the cleaning standard and baking standard respectively.

3. Formulate PCB positioning and template installation standards;

4. Formulate the post responsibilities and requirements of printing machine equipment engineer;

5. Formulated the post responsibilities and requirements of solder paste adding operators;

6. Developed the process documents for setting Smt patch printing parameters;

7. Formulate the process standard for adding solder paste;

8. Formulate inspection standards.



The second, Printing management

1. The operation of the printing machine and the setting of printing parameters shall be carried out according to the process documents, and the special person shall be responsible for it.

2. Special person is responsible for adding solder paste, and operators should be trained.

3. Implement the first piece trial printing and first piece inspection system

4. Establish a process inspection system to inspect each PCB after printing.The inspection methods and standards shall be guided by corresponding process documents

5. Daily maintenance and record of the printing machine.

6. Fill in the corresponding record form for all actions.

The third, Management after printing

After the completion of the production of a product or the completion of a day’s work, the printing parameters shall be set to zero, the template, scraper and other equipment shall be cleaned and placed as required.

The above is Smt patch production process management, hope to help you, more information please pay attention to FASTPCBA website.

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