Customer’s requirement for SMT patch processing supplier

334 Published by FASTPCBA 12月 04,2018

In general, customers who need to develop or process the project will review the “quality and production capacity” of SMT patch processing manufacturers.

Therefore, the quality requirements for SMT patch processing are as follows:

1, brands, in general, the powerful brand supplier of SMT processing for customers is the most rare, and set up long-term and stable development of relations, not only can save the time of procurement, reduce procurement cost, also can reduce the procedure of quality inspection at the same time, a strong brand need to confirm the product label.However, the price of a product with a brand is usually high, so it is better to purchase a brand in a small amount.

2, production capacity, to get more recognition, not only on the first piece sample quality standard, but also in the future batch control quality strictly, to do the same material, different level.

  1. Professional cooperation, whether the efficiency of your production can meet the customer’s delivery time, price and quality control ability in advanced and advanced equipment.

4 and the quality of materials and manufacturing methods specifications: many SMT processing factory in order to reduce costs, do not hesitate to risk with the sacrifice quality of production, not 9 quality tests (online AOI and x – ray optics instrument detection, etc.).In order to win the leading enterprise, it is necessary to take the first position of quality, service and production method to make more perfect finished products.

5, SMT processing factory management and the employees’ mental outlook: first-line employees and the management of the specification of the operation to determine whether the customer’s product have high quality, qualified rate and so on, because the pcba products are to staff the management and operation of equipment.So the spirit of the SMT manufacturer is very important.

Look at the price: the first step in cooperation is your reasonable price, which serves as a win-win situation, but the initial and final prices are negotiable.After all, the quality is proportional to the price.

8, dozen samples: proofing and SMT processing manufacturers to develop the customer’s first impression is the first level of the assessment of the quality, only the samples are prepared, to establish a stable long-term relations of cooperation.

Customer’s requirement for SMT patch processing supplier.

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