How to identify the quality of solder wire

People always say: “Details determine success or failure.” But the easiest thing we tend to do is to ignore some of the inconspicuous details, especially in the electronics processing industry. There are too many front-end and back-end processes in this industry, including materials, processing links, etc., and often the most inconspicuous stuffs are our most needed to do well.

Everyone knows that in the SMT processing industry, we not only need solder paste but also welding wire when soldering. Before we buy the tin wire, the first thing is to identify the quality of the tin wire. The quality of the wire directly affects the quality of the welding! There are several ways to judge the quality this wire. Let’s have a look!

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1, Observe

Visual inspection, good tin wire should be smooth, shiny, no oxidation, blackening!

The high quality of the solder wire is generally finer, and the thicker solder wire has a higher lead content and is relatively less prone to melting. This is the simplest of some basic judgments that can be made by direct observation.

2, Touch

A good solder wire is white and shiny, it is not easy to coated to the hand by hand rubbing, and the tin wire with high lead content is black, and it is easy to black hand by hand wiping!

The hardness of tin wire is not high! The ductility is very good, so the softer the purity is better! Some experienced masters know by touching that the current quality of the wire is not so different, it may not be so different from the naked eye, so it is necessary to carry out certain accumulation through experience to judge.

3, Welding

The temperature of the soldering iron should be properly adjusted before soldering. If the temperature is too high or too low, the tin can not be properly tinned. The melting point of the root is different due to different amount and composition of the root. It is necessary to adjust the proper temperature to accurately detect it.

There is not much relationship between the quality of the soldering iron and the quality of the solder wire. The main reason is that the soldering iron is too dirty or the quality of the soldering iron is not good! You can wipe the contact surface of the soldering iron head or change a good quality of the copper soldering iron. 

In the welding process, it can be judged according to the size of the smoke of the solder, and the less smoke represents high purity! After soldering, it can be identified according to the gloss of the solder joint.

If the solder joint is relatively white, it indicates that the lead wire of the solder wire is relatively high, and the quality of the solder wire is poor. It can also be judged according to the amount of residual tin slag. The more tin slag indicates that the purity of the tin wire is not high, and the more lead containing may contain other metals and elements! If judged according to professional technology, it is necessary to adopt the professional J-STD-004\006 standard, and the solder wire should be judged according to the insulation resistance, expansion ratio and wetting performance. The lead-free solder wire is judged according to whether it meets the ROHS standard, flux residue, halogen-free, and tin-on speed.

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In short, in the selection of solder wire, it is more secure use a good reputation and regular production of solder manufacturers to supply. Some unscrupulous dealers often use low solder wire as a high solder wire, so the price is cheaper. When buying solder wire, When buying solder wire must not covet petty gain.

The above is the method of judging the quality of the welding wire through some small techniques. The SMT processing industry is the foundation of the electronics industry. Only by strictly controlling each procedure can the quality of the product be ensured. FASTPCBA has been in the electronic processing industry for 15 years. Insisting on the source of grabbing, the purchase of welding wire, solder paste and other accessories have been cooperating with internationally renowned brands. For example, Japan imported pure solder paste, in order to guarantee the quality of the products from the source, the customer gives us an expectation, we also return customer trusting, adhere to ” The business philosophy of “Quality is life” is the pursuit that we will never change.

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