Products:Provide rigid circuit board manufacturing, special circuit board processing, high frequency PCB processing, multi-layer printed circuit board service, strict implementation of IATF 16949 quality system standards, through the authority of the UL American insurer Lab Corp certification, layer layer quality assurance.

FASTPCBA provides high-end PCB proofing, special circuit board processing, high frequency circuit board processing services, the highest can be made of 46 laminate, mixed medium plate, soft board, soft and hard combined board can be made.


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GPS car navigation pcb manufacturer china


GPS car navigation systems have become one of the necessary in-vehicle electronic devices for car owners.


GPS car navigation pcb manufacturer china

GPS car navigation pcb manufacturer china



1.Number navigation

Number navigation, innovative human navigation, whereever you want to go, by entering the phone number of the destination, you can directly find the destination and go immediately.


2.Photo navigation

You can download photos that can be navigated around the world. In addition, you can use the navigator to connect your own photos to their location, or add location information to your photos via software on your computer for easy navigation.


3.Predict satellite position for fast positioning

Pcb manufacturer china takes the lead in adopting a new generation of top-edge HotFix(TM) satellite application technology, predicting GPS satellite position in advance based on satellite orbit data, and realizing search star positioning in a few seconds.


4.New software architecture design

Pcb manufacturer china brings you super-comfort perfect map display interface, new steering preview, navigation distance time preview, destination pre-planning and track record function, map screen zoom, pan, split-way preview, brand new detail feelings, brand new use Moving.


5.Intelligent road name broadcast

With the road junction and the name of the target point broadcast in the country, pcb manufacturer china allows you to listen to the sound and distinguish the road, efficient driving. Reserve TMC real-time road condition receiving planning function, truly combine the traffic information and navigation technology, keep track of road conditions and intelligent driving. Global map options, multi-language, voice support: support Chinese, English, Japanese, Malay, Hakka, Cantonese and other 10 languages live voice navigation, more optional multi-national map, automatic time zone settings, easy global navigation.

At present, pcb manufacturer china can provide customers with a full range of prototype pcb assembly services in the automotive series. Besides the one-stop PCB manufacturing and pcb assembly service can also provide pre-production Gerber and BOM review and advice to meet the needs of customers.For more information,send email



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