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Car hard disk player turnkey pcb assembly


Car hard disk players are widely used in entertainment and business tools in special environmental vehicles such as bus buses, long-distance buses, cars, trains, subways, airplanes, and ships.


turnkey pcb assembly

turnkey pcb assembly


The car disk player turnkey pcb assembly is a successful case for PCb manufacturers in automotive electronic PCBs. The basic functional characteristics and parameters are as follows:

Car hard disk player turnkey pcb assembly features:

1: Support multimedia file format

MPGE-I format, for example: VCD movie, suffixes such as .DAT, .MPG, .MPEG, etc.;

MPEG-II format, for example: DVD movie, suffixes named .VOB, .MPG, .MPEG, etc.;

MP3 for example: .MP3 audio format;

WMA for example: .WMA;

JPEG For example: .JPG image format;


2: Text subtitle advertisement function: automatic water subtitle advertisement scrolling, you can set the insertion time.


3: VCD program playback power-off memory function: In the case of sudden power-off, the re-opening automatically resumes playback from the program interruption, which is the most practical function in the vehicle environment.


4: VCD program automatic loop playback function: After the boot, the program can be automatically looped, no need to be on-demand, convenient and fast.


5: Built-in FM/AM radio, manual and automatic search can store 20 radio programs.


6: Support Chinese and English on-demand menus, support catalog classification. USB2.0 high-speed file copy interface, easy to replace content.


7: Output one video composite signal VIDEO-OUT (can be directly input to the video display, play clear picture); own four audio amplifier 4 X 25 W, and can output left and right audio signals (AUDIO R-OUT, L -OUT)


8: Built-in 80GB 3.0 hard drive, mass storage program content


Car hard disk player turnkey pcb assembly specifications

1: Installation size: 182mm X 52mm X 165mm; panel size: 188mm X 58mm X 16mm

2: Voltage: +12V to +24V; Current: 5A

3: Maximum power output: 2 X 25W; continuous power output 2 X 25W

4: Load impedance: 8 ohms / 4 channels and 4 ohms / two channels

5: Working environment temperature: 0 °C TO 50 °C

6: Grounding method: negative ground (GND)

7: Support USB2.0 high speed protocol


FASTPCBA not only provides users with PCB manufacturing, turnkey pcb assembly, PCB functional testing, PCB casing packaging, SMT processing and other PCB one-stop services, but also provides pre-trial analysis and recommendations for GERBER file and BOM provided by automotive electronics customers. Eliminating problems at front end, to maximize your interests.

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