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Turnkey pcb manufacturing vehicle monitoring and dispatching GPS


Vehicle Monitoring and Dispatching GPS is a high-end GPS product that integrates navigation, monitoring and scheduling functions.

Turnkey pcb manufacturing vehicle monitoring and dispatching GPS

Turnkey pcb manufacturing vehicle monitoring and dispatching GPS

The vehicle dispatching GPS turnkey pcb manufacturing is designed for the dedicated commercial operation of logistics and transportation enterprises. It can realize high-efficiency information communication between enterprises or monitoring centers and drivers, ensure smooth communication, master the real-time location and idle status of vehicles, and carry out vehicles effective scheduling, real-time control of vehicle speed, mileage information, control of vehicle conditions, access to safety information, etc. Its main functions and unique features are as follows:


Turnkey pcb manufacturing for vehicle monitoring and dispatching GPS unique features

1.Simple and compact, turnkey pcb manufacturing intelligent anti-theft device with GPS and GSM call, and send and receive text messages

2.Built-in car alarm system, double anti-theft for vehicles, making the car more secure

3.Adopt world-class brand of electronic components to realizemaximum stability and low current consumption

4.Reliable tests such as noise, static electricity, interference, vibration, tapping, jump, high and low temperature, salt spray test

5.Can be used together with other accessories, will not affect or interfereother equipment around etc.

6.Built-in emergency backup battery to ensure normal GPS and GSM communication when there is no power

7.Voice function allows the driver to make or receive calls over the GSM network

8.Chinese LCD screen, user-friendly design, large image vivid display report, turnkey pcb manufacturing function setting

9.Phone book function, built-in storage can store up to 100 calls

10Additional COM interface for connecting card readers and barcode readers, etc.


The main function

1. 24 hours vehicle real-time tracking

2.Vehicle history travel track query

3.Vehicle mileage and fuel consumption management

Using the calculation technology of the satellite trajectory, the turnkey pcb manufacturing scientifically manages the mileage and fuel consumption of the vehicle at any time.

4.Vehicle traffic safety management

5.Driving analysis report statistics 

6.Enterprisenetwork / delivery locations map location annotation

7.Chinese display real-time mutual dispatching information

8.Scheduling navigation function

9.Online query location function

You can log in directly to the 666GPS check car system to check the location of the vehicle, without having to install any plug-ins on your computer.

10.Mobile phone query location function

FASTPCBA,which is a skilled PCB & PCBA manufacturer in China, has 15 years of turnkey pcb manufacturing and PCB assembly experience; PCB manufacturing quality control system is perfect, SMT / printing / reflow / wave machine are imported from Japan, Sweden, the United States, to ensure quick and punctual delivery.


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