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Pcb manufacturer Chinas brake oil quick tester

China pcb manufacturer‘s brake oil quick tester is a test of the water content of the brake fluid to quickly detect the quality of the brake fluid, so that the brake fluid can be replaced in time.

Instrument composition:

1.Measurement indicator

2.Moisture content map

3.Work button

4.Fine adjustment knob

5.Braking force coordinate curve graph

6.Power input port

7.Test probe


All green lights are on, indicating that the brake fluid is good. The moisture content is less than 0.5%.


The yellow indicator light is on, which indicates that the brake fluid is bad, and the moisture content is already higher than 0.5%.


The red warning light is on and along with the buzzer sounds, indicating that the water content exceeds 2.5%, and the braking force is seriously degraded.


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FASTPCBA Technology Co., Ltd,owns leading quality control inspection equipment and high-standard anti-static as well as dust-free workshop production environment in electron industry. By virtue of 0.1mm laser drilling, 100% AOI detection between layers, tightly controlled multi-layer compression equipment, super-speed flying-probe tester, and the quality of PCB is guaranteed powerfully from hardware and details. All components are supplied by world famous brand manufacturers, of which lead-free paste insures high-quality welding and lead-free standard. The auxiliary materials abide strictly by the international ROHS standard, and 3% silver content ensures the stability of tin plating. The placement speed of 70000 points per hour, accurately welding 0201 size components, identifying BGA with 0.25mm distance and connector with 0.2mm distance, detection by IQC before production, LCR equipment testing of components, and AOI detection before production makes our product process getting to advanced world level. Industrial control equipment devices main board with big components can be easily accomplished on plug-in production line.  Industrial control and welding of a small number of large components including equipment products can be accomplished on plug-in production line. The QA report before shipment and strict control for each production process ensure high-quality and stability of each product. Without any secrets, we just concentrate on every detail.

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