What is a pcba one-stop service?

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What is a pcba one-stop service

PCBA one-stop service is a broad concept. In the PCBA processing field, it refers to the whole process services provided by the supplier, including circuit board production, raw material procurement, processing, testing, assembly, etc., to save time, cycle, inventory and other costs for the customer.At present, this method is becoming the first choice for system integrators and product manufacturers.Shenzhen yaxin electronics co., LTD. Is a professional PCBA contract to provide one-stop services!


I. features of PCBA one-stop service

PCBA contractors and materials can effectively save the time cost of customers, hand over the whole process control of manufacturing to professional and experienced suppliers, avoid negotiating price and purchasing time, inventory cost, material inspection time and personnel expenditure in the procurement of electronic materials such as IC, resistor capacitor and diode, and effectively transfer the risk to suppliers.Generally speaking, although the price quoted by the contractor is relatively high, it can effectively reduce the cost of the enterprise, offset the intangible cost of the enterprise, and enable the enterprise to focus on its own special fields, such as design, research and development, market and after-sales service.

II. Potential derivative risks of PCBA one-stop service

In the process of PCBA contracting and material services, it is particularly important to check suppliers, which almost determines whether the cooperation is successful, whether the cost and product turnover can achieve the expected target.There is no denying the fact that the market is full of merchants who sacrifice customer quality, steal raw materials and other ways to obtain excess profits, but this is not sustainable development after all.Therefore, the most important thing for auditing suppliers is not to listen to what they say, but to feel what they do with their heart, the attitude of dealing with the world, and the Angle of solving problems for customers. These aspects are better than equipment, factory scale, certificate and so on.

III. PCBA one-stop service process

When designing products, customers have an important assessment: DFM,Design For Manufacturability, which is critical to quality control in the manufacturing process and rarely leads to disputes with suppliers.

After the customer has finished the product design, the PCB file, BOM list and other engineering documents will be handed over to the supplier. Generally, the supplier will have special process personnel to review and confirm, and evaluate details such as stencil printing, SMT process and plug-in process.After that, the client prepaid the construction cost of the contractor and materials to the supplier (ranging from 80% to 30%, depending on the profit of the product, generally 70%). After receiving the payment, the supplier purchased the components and components. After complete material preparation, the production was scheduled according to the PMC plan.

IV. Why does PCBA one-stop service become the new trend of electronic product manufacturing

The manufacturing of electronic products (commonly known as SMT patch processing, electronic assembly, etc.) has developed for decades, and the industry competition has become saturated. The average profit rate of the industry is low and stable.The market is full of suppliers with no bottom line prices, which are often just for the sake of cost sharing or survival.The super reserve price could not support the actual cost of the supplier’s business operation, and the purchasing result was: poor quality, rework, disputes, finally parting in bad mood, and then continuing to find the next supplier, vaguely repeating the story of yesterday.The customers who are familiar with electronic manufacturing are well aware of the transparent quotation of the market, even including components and components. Therefore, they can fully accept the package plan. They only need to provide reasonable profit to the supplier.

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On the other hand, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the large and complete operation mode is only suitable for medium and large enterprises.For small enterprises, we need to focus on the areas of expertise, such as research and development and market, instead of giving consideration to the purchase, manufacturing, testing and assembly of electronic components, so as to avoid death on assembly, on material inventory, and on the vicious circle.Differentiated market and refined operation are the future development direction of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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