How much do you know about PCBA one-stop service?

608 Published by FASTPCBA 1月 23,2019

How much do you know about PCBA one-stop service

What is PCBA one-stop service?

Now more and more customers want to do one-stop PCBA service, send all the materials to the factory, and the factory will assemble the finished products and send them to the customer directly, customers only need to pay attention to the final product testing, it has broken the traditional PCBA services, the more resources together, customer service, the convenience of customers, for customers to save more time and cost, is the PCBA services industry a development direction in the future.

Why PCBA proofing?

With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic technology products of iteration speed with exponential trend of changing, any a tuyere is likely to be fleeting, for a product, often don’t have much time to trial and error, the best thing to do is when the design is completed, before mass production, or choose a factory several factories for PCBA proofing, someone will ask why do you do that?What is the purpose? 

1. Check whether there is any problem with PCBA design process and whether there is anything that needs to be modified, because only through the actual test can we find some problems that cannot be seen on paper and put an end to talk on paper.

2. Select competent factories to ensure the yield rate and test pass rate of PCBA production, evaluate the approximate delivery date and quality, and accurately estimate various situations of large orders in the later stage.



Why choose PCBA to contract labor and materials?

Now there are generally two kinds of electronics manufacturing processing way, as for material processing and processing means provide materials, factory provide SMT processing and DIP plug-in processing, etc., as for material mean provide customers a full range of information, the factory is responsible for the procurement, production, etc., in the face of both production and processing mode, there are more and more customers choose the latter – as for materials, is this why?

More and more people choose PCBA for the following reasons:

1,Let professional people do professional things

The electronic manufacturing factory has a perfect department system, clear division of labor, rich experience, multiple procurement channels, the link of handling is simplified to the minimum, which helps shorten the delivery time. 

2, Save costs

The processing method of labor and materials can greatly reduce the labor cost, time cost and material cost of customers.

Pcb board supplier

FASTPCBA has 15 years of PCB, PCBA manufacturing is a national enterprise, the company has a strong engineering team and a professional electronic components procurement team, over the years for domestic and international numerous automotive electronics, military electronic products, such as the electric power communication, industrial automation and intelligent household industry customers, (including Germany Bosch, the European energy giant, e.on, e.on, Volkswagen, byd, the godson 3, etc.) is a collection of PCB manufacturing, electronic components, SMT processing and testing assembly one-stop integrated manufacturing service provider.

FASTPCBA since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the processing of samples and the delivery of small batches of committed materials within 3-5 working days after confirmation. This is not only our commitment to the customer, but also the minimum time we can spend on the customer’s products before they are put into the market after the design is completed.The social fight is the speed, who first seize the market, who put me first, first, seize the flow entrance, win the market.We believe that the customer is always the first!

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