PCBA OEM production end brief introduction

The production of PCBA OEM end is actually the product completion list produced by the production line. Some PCBA oem factories are very procrastinating in the end stage and the quality of shipments is poor, which in turn affects the customer delivery time and leaves a bad impression on the customers. In fact, the processing end of PCBA is a very important part.

PCBA OEM production

PCBA OEM production

If the PCBA OEM production end is not timely, it will cause many drawbacks. For example, it is a waste of time to carry out multiple feedings during the cleaning in the end, which will increase the production cost. Each time you need to stop the line, just the value of the time of stopping line is far greater than the value of the feed. It will also extend the delivery time of the product and bring some troubles to the customer.

In fact, it is possible to take certain measures to improve the efficiency of PCBA processing cleaning end.


  1. About 50 pieces pre-offline PCB board , the operator of the line cleans out the internal materials of the machine and the waste bins of the material, and the QC according to the specifications and material numbers divided materials and the corresponding hand-written records are prepared. Quality control check signature verification.


  1. The operator should notifyline technician sorts the QC from the machine program to perform the manual compensation, and marks the hand-applied material bit number on the board. After the quality control check OK, the furnace can be passed.
  2. If the material is worn out, after the material is hand-mounted, the quantity of the missing material is counted in time to the operator or team leader of the line. The operator and the middle inspection QC perform secondary check to find the material. Finally, the material application form is issued according to the loss.


  1. It is necessary to correct the loss of materials and avoid unnecessary work.

The speed and quality of PCBA processing and finishing can reflect the service level of a PCBA processing plant.


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