FASTPCBA concentrating to create more value in filed of PCBA

539 Published by FASTPCBA 3月 29,2019

FASTPCBA concentrating to create more value in filed of PCBA

Our FASTPCBA has just specialized in high quality of PCBA  fabrication and SMT mounting one-stop service. FASTPCBA technology limited company is specialized in PCB and PCBA fabrication for more than 14 years,with strong support of engineering team and professional procurement team of electronic components,serve for most of automotive electronic、medical electronic、electronic communication、auto-industry and intelligence household all kinds of clients,is a fabrication service provider who gather PCBA fabrication、purchasing electronic components for customers、SMT mounting processing、inspection and assembly,which is the high quality supplier in the field of electronic processing in 2018.

1.Finish sampling and delivery in 4 hours.

2.Pass IATF16949 quality system standard.

3.Three million pixel pitch production capacity every day.

4.Functional inspection: 99.98% passing percent


FASTPCBA cooperative clients

industry-control categories

medical healthy kinds

electrical engineering

automatic electronic

3D laser

security and protection monitoring

intelligence household

OEM product

Delicate and excellent quality products strengthen country power

The extreme quality experience with Swedish MYDATA full-auto SMT production line+nine inspection processes.

QC manual inspection

The reference standard of IPC—610 inspection standard to inspect finished circuit board in order to ensure 99.98% good production shipment.

  • IQC incoming material inspection
  • SPI solder paste inspection
  • online AOI inspection
  • SMT first piece inspection
  • IPQC production inspection
  • outline AOI inspection
  • X-RAY welding inspection
  • QC manual inspection
  • QA shipment inspection

FASTPCBA specialize in PCBA one-stop service for 15 years

Negotiate and communicate(confirm processing information for order)-sign agreement(sign a one-stop agreement)-PCB fabrication(produce PCB)-purchase components for clients(purchase from supplier)-PCBA fabrication(welding components on the PCB)-production shipment(by sea air or land)

NO1.surviving count on high and strict quality and specialized in one-stop service for 15 years.

FASTPCBA specialized in one-stop service the most carefully elaborately and attentively for 15 years and keep original aim to provide satisfied quality ,we survive count on quality and make progress count on reputation,


FASTPCBA provide professional service among whole industry chain, joint customer requirements accurately, try our best to transit clients’ drawing to finished products.

No2. Save time and shorten product appear on the market.

 Professional: All things we do are customer oriented supported by superior supplier 、professional procurement、strong engineering、responsible production team and advanced and accurate production devices.

No3. superior supplier, start with high quality components

We support all electronic materials purchased via all channels and cooperate with famous component supplier, proving first hand quality goods and competitive cost price actually.

High. There is no short and quick way to ensure high quality,JINBANG require high standard in aspects of supplier team、components、production、quality control team and craft.

No4.ERP material management system to ensure its possible to trace back to component quality.

FASTPCBA have spent enormous funds and customized ERP material management system which can trace all components’ quality and avoid production problem thoroughly caused by incoming materials.


ERP material management system to monitor material storage and goods preparation condition,transit line quickly and make delivery fastly.



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