What are the bad factors related to the pcba produced by SMT

107 Published by FASTPCBA 12月 07,2018

In the process of production of pcba board, SMT processing link is particularly important, the process is also the most prone to defect pcba board link, especially on the degree of advanced equipment, manual operation methods and air environment and so on.Now, what are some of the adverse factors that are produced during SMT processing?

SMT pcb

More than 48% of the defects in SMT processing come from the printing process, which plays an important role in the technology of front-end base printing.The bad printing of Smt processing board is 90% due to the bad mixing of tin paste.Jing state SMT processing factory introduced Japanese advanced planetary centrifugal solder paste mixing techniques, such as electronic, optoelectronic companies solved due to solder paste and solder paste printing, thus greatly improving the product quality and work efficiency.

The following are adverse factors caused by the insufficient mixing of tin paste during SMT processing.

1,Poor solder paste flux and solder powder uniformity is not enough, resulting in poor welding!

2,The bad solder paste is not sticky enough, the solder powder component volatilizes, and it is easy to drop the material or device offset when the solder paste is installed!

3,The tin paste contains bubbles (air), tin explosion and sand holes during welding;

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