Printed wiring board component connection mode

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Printed wiring board component connection mode

Before the advent of printed wiring board, the interconnection of electronic components was completed by direct connection of wires.Today, wires are used only for laboratory applications;printed wiring board in the electronics industry has certainly occupied the position of absolute control.The following is the wiring method between printed wiring board components:

(1) intersecting circuits are not allowed in printed circuits. For lines that may be intersected, “drill” and “wind” can be used to solve the problem.That is, to let a lead “drill” through the gap under the feet of other resistors, capacitors and transistors, or “wrap” around one end of a lead that may be crossed. Under special circumstances, how to make the circuit is very complex. In order to simplify the design, it is also allowed to use wires to cross and solve the problem of cross circuit.

(2) elements such as resistance, diode, tubular capacitor, etc. can be installed in two ways: vertical and horizontal.Vertical refers to the component body perpendicular to the printed wiring board installation, welding, its advantages are space saving.Horizontal type means that the component body is parallel and close to the printed wiring board for installation and welding. Its advantage is that the mechanical strength of component installation is better.These two different mounting components have different hole spacing on the printed wiring board.

printed wiring board

printed wiring board


(3) the connection point of the same level circuit should be as close as possible, and the power filter capacitance of the level circuit should also be connected to the connection point.In particular, the junction point of the base pole and emitter of the transistor cannot be too far away, otherwise the interference and self-excitation may be caused by too long copper foil between the two junction points.

(4) the general ground line must be strictly arranged in the order of weak power to strong power according to the principle of high frequency – intermediate frequency – low frequency. It must not be arbitrarily turned over and over. Rather, it can connect long points between the two levels.In particular, the frequency conversion head, regeneration head, frequency modulation head of the grounding line arrangement requirements are more stringent, if improper will produce self-excitation so that it cannot work.Large area enclosing ground is often used in FM first – class high – frequency circuits to ensure a good shielding effect.

(5) strong current leads (common ground, amplifier power supply leads, etc.) should be as wide as possible to reduce wiring resistance and voltage drop, which can reduce self-excitation caused by parasitic coupling.

(6) the line with high impedance should be as short as possible, while the line with low impedance should be longer, because the line with high impedance is easy to generate flutes and absorb signals, causing the circuit instability.The power line, ground line, base line without feedback element and emitter lead are all low-impedance lines. The ground line of the emitter follower’s base line and the radio recorder’s two sound channels must be separated, and the two sound channels must be connected to each other until the effective end is closed again

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