PCB soldering quality is affected by which factors?

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PCB soldering quality is affected by which factors?

PCB circuit board must be used in the electronic products , the tin is also a craft of choice for most users.The quality of PCB soldering mainly depends on the ability of the solder to moisten the surface of the weld components, that is, the wet-ability and weld-ability of the two metal materials.If the weld-ability of the weld component is poor, it is impossible to weld a qualified joint.Weld-ability refers to the weld component and solder at the appropriate temperature and flux under the action of a good combination of performance.

Welding time: refers to the time required for physical and chemical changes in the process of SMT welding, which includes the time for the welding piece to reach the welding temperature, the melting time of the solder, the time for the flux to play a role and the time for the metal alloy to be formed.PCB circuit board welding time should be appropriate, too long time damage the welding parts and devices easily, too short is not up to the requirements.

Flux: there are many types of flux, the effect is different, the usage should be based on different welding craft, welding materials to choose different flux.Too much flux can increase the side effects of residual flux.Flux dosage is too small, welding effect is poor.Flux for welding electronic products is usually rosin flux.Rosin flux without corrosion, remove oxidation, enhance the fluidity of the solder, help wet the welding surface, make the solder bright and beautiful.

Temperature: heat energy is indispensable for welding.In soldering tin processing, the role of thermal energy is to make the solder to the element diffusion and welding temperature rise to the appropriate welding temperature, in order to form a metal alloy with the solder.

Surface cleaning: in order to make a good combination of solder and weld component, the surface of the weld parts must be kept clean.Even for weld parts with good weld-ability, the effect of welding will be affected if there is oxide layer, dust and oil on the surface of the weld parts.Therefore, it is necessary to keep it clean before welding, otherwise it will affect the formation of alloy layer around the welding parts, thus the welding quality cannot be guaranteed.

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