insights into the PCB manufacturing to reduce costs under the shadow of the “hand-to-hand combat” between China and USA

741 Published by FASTPCBA 4月 16,2019

insights into the PCB manufacturing to reduce costs under the shadow of the “hand-to-hand combat” between China and USA

Since the beginning of this year, the electronic components and the most important raw material CCL of the circuit board are still rising, and the profit margin of the circuit board factory is getting smaller and smaller. On the basis of ensuring product quality, reducing production costs and comprehensively improving profits have become a weapon for PCB manufacturing factories to get out of the cost.

In the production cost of the PCB manufacturing factory, the cost of raw materials accounts for more than 60%, so the more it can reduce production waste and waste in the production process, the more profitable space can be created. Below I would like to talk about reducing materials in the circuit board industry. Some insights into the cost.

I believe that every boss knows that if the purchase price of raw materials can be reduced to the maximum extent, the production cost of finished products can be reduced accordingly, and the economic benefits of enterprises will be greatly improved. Therefore, strengthening procurement management is one of the important means for us to increase PCB manufacturing profits. Procurement of materials must be based on existing stock levels and safety stocks to develop a monthly accurate procurement plan. Change the extensive procurement methods to reduce financial pressure and provide enterprise turnover capacity.

PCB manufacturing

Each of the raw materials is compared with each other to refer to the market, and the suppliers are continuously optimized to increase the purchase bargaining power and extend the settlement time of the goods. The copper, tin and copper clad plates that the company often uses are combined with the company’s situation to increase the purchase volume when the market is in low condition. Not a necessity, can not buy without buying, meet the production requirements, not easy to prepare. Purchasing price, timeliness, planned accuracy rate and reasonable quality rate of the person in charge of purchasing shall set performance appraisal indicators according to the results, forcing the procurement personnel to continuously improve and optimize the procurement cost.

Circuit board manufacturers not only have low profits, but even worse, if they don’t do inventory management well, the hard-earned money can’t be exchanged for cash, but into the warehouse.

Because most of the circuit board manufacturers need to make products according to customer order types and requirements, the copper clad laminates, inks and electroplating syrups used each time are different. In order to better serve customers, only different types of copper clad laminates are prepared in the warehouse. Because of unreasonable material planning, many materials have not been used due to long-term backlog. These resources all require a lot of capital expenditures, so some board factories often make money to buy materials without even putting them in their pockets. They even need to borrow money from the bank, and all the money they earn are to return bank interest.

The warehouse engulfs the cash flow that the company relies on, just like the bottomless pit. Therefore, we must accurately predict the trend of customer orders according to the actual situation of the company, and ensure the normal use of materials in the production department with the least amount of capital. Due to the long-term shelving of materials, not only will it take up a lot of liquidity capital , but also cause waste and quality problems due to improper storage. Therefore, we must set up warehouse safety stock according to the purchase situation, and continuously optimize to achieve the best inventory utilization rate.

I believe that everyone can realize that materials must be first-in, first-out, but because the warehouse managers are not active and often cause the company’s raw materials

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