In Pcb manufacturing, basic process performance of reflow soldering equipment

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In Pcb manufacturing, basic process performance of reflow soldering equipment


PCB manufacturing reflow soldering process is not just a temperature process. To ensure basic temperature process characteristics, there must be sufficient equipment performance support. Therefore, comprehensive performance (SPC) of equipment performance, temperature and temperature spc should be realized control.

pcb manufacturing, reflow soldering

pcb manufacturing, reflow soldering


The basic process of reflow soldering process adjustment is:

Confirm equipment performance → temperature process modulation → SPC control


For performance testing of reflow soldering equipment, refer to the international standard IPC-9853 for related technologies for reflow soldering furnace performance. Many factories entrust third-party certification institution (such as Esamber Certification Center) to do the calibration, certification and calibration of equipment performance. Some factories set up equipment maintenance groups and configure their own equipment to set the performance calibration. Mainly confirmed from the following aspects.

1.The hot air flow rate is optimal between 4.5 and 6.5 kl/cm2.min; when the temperature is small, the heat compensation and the heating efficiency are insufficient. When the temperature is too large, the welding is poor, such as offset and BGA. It can be adjusted by adjusting the frequency of the hot air motor.


2.Empty full capacity. The empty full load difference does not exceed 3 °


3.Chain speed accuracy and stability confirmation. The chain speed deviation does not exceed 1%.


4.Confirm the parallelism of the track and prevent the splint and the plate from falling off. The splint can easily lead to problems such as falling off the bottom of the board, bending the PCB, and connecting the tin; the damage of the falling board is more obvious.


5.Device performance SPC control.

Related testing tools include reflow soldering process performance tester and track parallelism tester.


Temperature control is only carried out on the basis of testing to ensure the basic performance of the PCB reflow soldering equipment so that is meaningful to do the sampling test of the product temperature curve. Otherwise, although the furnace temperature curve is tested, it can only represent the situation at that time. It does not represent the temperature curve of all products to be produced, because a furnace with poor process performance is unstable, its load capacity is poor, and hot air convection is not enough, so it is unstable in temperature process. Therefore, before the pcb manufacturing temperature process modulation, it is necessary to test and confirm the equipment performance, implement optimization and improvement, reasonably allocate the pcb manufacturing machine, and optimize the production capacity.

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