Pcb manufacturer furnace solder maintenance

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Pcb manufacturer furnace solder maintenance


For Pcb manufacturer, it’s important to maintain solder in soldering furnace . The Sn-Pb ratio and impurity content should be regularly checked. RB161VA-20 TE-17 monitors the copper content of the solder in particular. Once the standard by Pcb manufacturer. The main measures are as follows.

1. When the proportion of Sn is reduced, some pure Sn can be appropriately added to adjust the Sn-Pb ratio.

2.Sn-Pb solder adopts the so-called “freeze-drying” method: the solder in the solder pot is cooled to 188-190 ° C for 8 h; since the density of CL16Sn5 is 8.28 g/cm 3 , the density of Sn-Pb is 8.8-8.9 g / Cm3, Cu6Sn5 is on the surface, so it can be removed with a small spoon made of stainless steel wire mesh.


3. In lead-free wave soldering, the density of Cu6Sn5 is larger than that of lead-free solder, and Cri6Sn5 will sink at the bottom of the tin bath. Some organizations have lowered the temperature to about 235 ° C (about 8 ° C higher than the melting point temperature), and the tin bath was shut down overnight. At this time, most of the alloy is still in a molten state, and special tools can be designed by Pcb manufacturer to remove the tin from the bottom of the tin bath. Precipitated Cu6Sn5 was picked, but the difficulty is still very great.


4. Strengthen the daily maintenance of the equipment.


Comprehensive adjustment of process parameters


There are many process parameters for wave soldering, and these parameters affect each other and are quite complicated. For example, changing the preheating temperature and time will affect the soldering temperature for Pcb manufacturer. The preheating temperature is low. When the PCB contacts the peak wave, the heat is absorbed more, which will reduce the soldering temperature. As another example, adjusting the conveyor speed will affect parameters related to temperature and time for Pcb manufacturer . Therefore, no matter which parameter is adjusted, it will have different effects on other parameters.


Comprehensive adjustment of process parameters should be based on the welding mechanism, design ideal temperature curve and process specifications for Pcb manufacturer. As with reflow soldering, the real-time temperature curve is also measured and then adjusted based on the weld results of the test welding or the first weldments.


When adjusting the process parameters comprehensively, first ensure the welding temperature and time. The first peak of the double wave soldering is generally 220 to 230 ° C / ls, and the second peak is generally 230 ~ 240 ° C / 3 s.


Welding time = contact length of the solder joint with the peak / transmission speed solder joint and contact length of t peak wave can be measured by a peak with a high temperature glass test plate with a scale for Pcb manufacturer.


Transmission speed is a factor that affects production. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of welding, by reasonably adjusting the various process parameters, the purpose of increasing the output can be achieved by Pcb manufacturer as much as possible .


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