Basic requirements for PCB electronics equipment assembly

539 Published by FASTPCBA 4月 11,2019

Basic requirements for PCB electronics equipment assembly

PCB electronics equipment assembly and connection technology is called electronic assembly and connection technology, which is a variety of comprehensive technology that electronic parts and components assembled into a complete machine according to the design requirements, is the main production links to manufacture electronic completed machine products in accordance with the design requirements.

Assembly refers to the use of fasteners, adhesives and other electronic parts of the product installed in accordance with the requirements of the specified position, assembled into a new component, until the finished product, the main way of connection is screw, riveting, bonding, compression, winding and surface mounting.

The basic requirements for PCB installation are as below:

1.The installed parts, components and the whole must be qualified by inspection and conform to the process requirements. The appearance shall be free from scars and the coating shall be free from damage.

2.During installation, the lead direction and polarity of electronic components and mechanical installation parts shall be correct and not skewed, and the packaging shell of electronic components shall not touch each other.

3.Electronic components to be mechanically installed shall be fixed before welding and shall not be adjusted for installation after welding.

automotive PCB electronics

automotive PCB electronics

4.The seals shall not be opened when installing all kinds of packages, except those with special requirements.

5.In the installation, the moving part of the machine must be smooth and free without any retardation.

6.During installation, the foreign body inside the machine should be cleaned to eliminate the potential danger of short-circuit fault.

7.Where lubricants, fasteners and adhesives need to be coated during installation, they shall be in place, evenly and in an appropriate amount.

8.When the insulated wire passes through the metal frame hole, there should be no burr on the tip to prevent the tip from discharging.

9.When installing ground wire welds with fasteners, remove the coating layer and oxide layer from the mounting position to ensure good contact.

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