Popular science: PCB circuit board production craft is so complex

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Popular science: PCB board production craft is so complex !

Generally speaking, the more complex the function of electronic products is, the longer the circuit distance is, and the more contact points there are, the more layers PCB needs.For bluetooth PCB manufacturer PCB production process is more complex, it involves a wide range of processes, from simple mechanical processing to complex mechanical processing, there are normal chemical reactions and photochemical electrochemical thermochemistry and other processes.Computer aided design CAM, etc.In addition, there are many technical problems in the production process, and new problems will be always encountered . Part of the problems will disappear without finding the reason. As the production process is a kind of continuous line form, any problems in one link will cause production across the board or the consequences of a large number of scrap, Printed circuit boards cannot be recycled if they are scrapped, process engineers working pressure is bigger, so many engineers left the industry to the printed circuit board equipment or material do the work of sales and technical services.

The substrate of the board itself is made of insulating and insulating materials that are not easily bent.The small wires visible on the surface are made of copper foil, which originally covered the whole board. However, some of them were etched away during the manufacturing process, , and the remaining parts became reticulated small wires.These lines are called conductor patterns, or wiring, and are used to supply the electrical connections of components on a PCB

In order to fix the parts on the PCB, we solder their pins directly to the wiring.In the most basic PCB, parts are concentrated on one side and wires on the other side.In this way, we need to make holes in the board so that the pin can pass through the board to the other side, so the pin of the parts are welded on the other side.Because of this, both sides of PCB are called Component Side and Solder Side respectively.

If there are parts on the PCB that need to be removed or put back after the PCB is finished, then the part will be installed using a Socket.Since the socket is directly welded to the board, the parts can be arbitrarily disassembled and assembled.


To connect two PCBS together, we use the edge connector commonly known as goldfinger. Goldfinger contains many exposed copper pads that are actually parts of the PCB wiring.Normally, we insert a gold finger on one PCB into a suitable Slot (commonly called an expansion Slot) on the other PCB when connecting.In a computer, such as graphics, sound, or similar interface CARDS are connected to the main board via goldfinger.

The color on the PCB is green or brown, which is the color of solder mask.This layer is insulated to protect the copper wire and prevent parts from being welded to the wrong places.A silk screen is printed on top of the soldering layer.It is usually printed with text and symbols (mostly white) to indicate the position of the parts on the board. The screen printing surface is also known as legend.


Printed circuit board (PCB) etches the complex copper circuit wires between parts on a board after careful and neat planning, providing the main support for the installation and interconnection of electronic components. It is an indispensable basic part of all electronic products.

A board made of a non-conductive material on which a predrilled hole is usually designed to install chips and other electronic components.The holes in the components help to electronically connect the metal paths that are printed on the board in advance. After the pins of the electronic components pass through the PCB, the conductive metal electrode is attached to the PCB to form the circuit.

After reading the introduction of the PCB circuit board are you understanding the manufacture deeper?Many customers are just starting to get involved in the electronic processing industry, and they are not very familiar with the whole process. After the completion of the circuit design, they are often eager to get the finished product, but ignore the specific details of the whole process. They are too anxious about the future product launch, which will have some negative influence on the product quality.Therefore, give our customers a advice: do products must be carefully select suppliers!!!

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