PCB board price and matters need attentions

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PCB board price and matters need attentions

How much is the price of PCB  board? First of all, we need to know the following information about the main production information of PCB circuit board. The price of PCB circuit board is based on the manufacturing grade: ipc-6012 class2 — PCB manufacturing standard ipc-class II description.



Factors affecting the price of PCB:

1.Size: mm *mm;

2. Material: Fr4  135 ℃;

3.Thickness: 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.6mm, with a tolerance of 10%;

4.Layer: 1,2,4,6,8;

5.Soldermask colour: green;Silk screen colour: white

6. Surface finish:

1)immersion gold, also called Electroless Nickel immersion gold , is a craft of coating a solderable coating on a bare copper surface of a PCB

2) HASL spraying tin

3) Immersion silver

4)OSP antioxidant treatment

5) Chemical gold(gold plated) is a process in which metal deposits are plated using a controlled REDOX process catalyzed by metal.

6) Gold finger

Difference between gold deposit and chemical gold: gold deposit has low cost and good weldability;chemical gold (gold-plated) smooth surface, good adhesion of gold, wear resistance, is certain to be better than the soldering tin gold, generally used in non-welding contact joints, such as gold fingers.

Gold deposit is commonly used on high demanding boards and is more expensive than lead free HASL

Lead-free HASL is more commonly used on the general board, which is also called hot air leveling,with cheap price, flatness is not as good as gold deposit

7.Copper weight/ copper thickness:1Oz,2Oz = 35μm,70μm

8.line width: 0.1mm = 4mil, normal >=0.1mm, line space: 0.1mm = 4mil, normal >=0.1mm, the wider the easier to deal with.

9.Through hole: 0.2mm, >0.2mm is cheaper

10.No impedence control

Ii. The price of special PCB boards is slightly higher, special attention should be paid to:

Material: HiTg FR4 (FR4 Tg170 ℃), Fr1, CAM3.Ink color and silk screen color: according to customer requirements;Copper thickness: 3Oz,4Oz;Line width and space: <0.1mm, with impedance and blind hole.

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