How does the pcb board maker check the PCB layout?

 1.The pcb board maker checks whether the PCB board size matches the processing drawingsize, whether it meets the PCB manufacturing technicsrequirements, and whether there is a behavior mark which requires special attention. Many circuit boards are designed and layout in beautiful and reasonable manner, but the precise positioning of the positioning connector is neglected, resulting in the designed circuit not being able to interface with other circuits.

PCB layout

PCB layout

2.Pcb board maker check whether the layout of the components is dense and orderly, neatly arranged, whether all componentsare layout. In the layout of components, not only the direction of the signal and the type of signal, the place that needs attention or protection, but also the overall density of the components layout should be considered, so that the density is uniform.


3.Pcb board maker pay attention to see whether the components in the two-dimensional, three-dimensional space with Pay attention to the actual size of the device, especially the device height. In the welding-free components layout, the height can not exceed 3mm.


4.Whether the components that need to be replaced frequently can be easily replaced by the pcb board maker, and whether the plug-in board can beinserted into the device conveniently. It should be convenient and reliablefor frequently replaced and plug-in components.


5.pcb board maker check whether the adjustable components are convenient to adjust.


6.Check if there is an appropriate distance between the thermal element and the heating element.


7.Check if there is radiator or fan in the place where heat is needed. If the air flow is smooth, pay attention to the heat dissipation of components and circuit boards.


8.Check whetherthe signal direction is smooth and the interconnection is the shortest.


9.Check whether the plug, socket, etc. are in contradiction with the mechanical design.


10. Pcb board maker considers the interference problem of PCB board.


11.Consider the mechanical strength and performance of the PCB.


12.Consider the artistry and aesthetics of the PCB layout.


The pcb board maker rationally lays out the PCB circuit board components, which enables the PCB board to obtain good performance and ensure products quality. Therefore, it is possible to check whether the layout of the PCB circuit board is reasonable according to the above points.

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