Online pcb manufacturing common problems and solutions pcb manufacturing analysis of insufficient solder paste

A.The reason for the insufficient amount of the whole solder paste: insufficient thickness of the template or the opening, burrs on the four walls of the opening, flares at the opening, and solder pastebring out during demolding; poor rollabilityof the solder paste; excessive pressure of the blade, especially the rubber scraper too soft, cut into the opening, bring out solder paste;

B. The amount of solder paste on the individual pads is too small or there is no solder paste: the template openings are blocked by the solder paste or the individual openings are small in size; the via holes on the PCB are designed on the pads, causing the solder to flow out of the holes.



1.Strictly control all aspects of the printing process

2.Introduction to theonline pcb manufacturing void

The large voids appearing in the solder joints are called blow holes, and the small ones are called pinholes. The existence of these holes will make the solder joints insufficient in strength and degenerated.



1.The influence of welding materials. The surface tension of tin-silver-copper SAC alloy is greater than that of tin-lead alloy. Compared with molten tin-lead alloy, any retained gas is difficult to get rid of molten SAC alloy. The high temperature and remaintime of lead-free process make the substrate and components easy to releasevolatile compounds may cause more gas SAC material to have a larger wetting angle in the lead-free solder joints of online pcb manufacturing, which means that the bubbles need to travel longer distances to get rid of the flux; active agents, organic solvents and High-boiling organics do not match the temperature profile, or the formula is immature

2.The impact of the welding process. The preheating temperature is too low, and the preheating time is too short, so that the solvent in the solder paste fails to escape in time before hardening.



1.Start with the setting of the temperature curve, choose the appropriate flux, etc.

2.Must set the appropriate online pcb manufacturing temperature curve

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