Online pcb fabrication processing no-clean soldering technology  

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Online pcb fabrication processing no-clean soldering technology


The traditional online pcb fabrication cleaning technics has destructive effect on the environment, and the no-clean soldering technology is the best way to solve this problem. No-clean soldering includes two techniques. One is to use low solids no-clean flux; the other is to weld in an inert protective gas.


Online pcb fabrication processing

Online pcb fabrication processing

For the first method, the activity of the flux is only effective for a certain period of time, and the obtained weld seam cannot be ensured, and welding defects such as bridging connection, Icicles and spotting sometimes occur, so that its application field is limited, and further research is needed. Development. For the second method, the welding is carried out in an inert gas, which eliminates the oxidized environment in which the welded portion during the soldering process, thereby reducing or eliminating the usage of the flux.Before online PCB fabrication welding, only a small amount of weak active flux should be used to remove the oxides on the surface of the welding parts and maintain them into inert gas environment. Or, no-cleaning and welding can be realized by treating the leads of components.The no-clean soldering technics is not only suitable for soldering of through-hole inseted assemblies, hybrid assembly components and full-surface assembly components, but also for assembly of multi-lead fine-pitch components. The following advantages are shown in these applications.


(1) Used in the double wave soldering technics, because the flux is used less or not, the soldering defects caused by the flux gas are eliminated, the nozzle clogging is eliminated, and the stability of the online pcb fabrication wave soldering is improved, which is beneficial to get high quality solder joints.


(2) The cleaning technics and corresponding equipment are eliminated, which greatly reduces the operating cost of online pcb fabrication.


(3) The solder wettability and solderability of the solder joint are improved by eliminating the oxidation of the solder and the solder joint, thereby minimizing soldering defects, greatly improving the solder quality of the online pcb fabrication, and ensuring the components welding reliability.


Therefore, the no-clean welding technology is a very valuable practical technology, and its popularization and application has very important practical significance in terms of technology, economic benefits and protection of human living environment.

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