Notes for the DIP plug-in post – welding process

618 Published by FASTPCBA 7月 18,2018

Notes for the DIP plug-in post – welding process

DIP plug-in after welding is an important process in PCBA manufacturing processing, the processing quality directly affects the function of the PCBA board, its importance is self-evident, plug-in preparatory work is more, its processing process is as follows:

First of all components for processing, the staff according to BOM BOM for material, check the material type, specification, according to the PCBA sample preparation before production, with capacitance cut foot machine, automatic jump line bending machine, two triode automatic molding machine, automatic tape machine molding equipment for processing, etc.Note the following points:


1. The horizontal width of the guide pin of the component after the shaping should be the same as that of the positioning hole, with small tolerance;

2. The distance between the lead pin of the component and the PCB welding plate should not be too large;

3. The parts need to be shaped to provide mechanical support to prevent the welding disc from sticking up;

4. Paste high temperature adhesive paper, and paste high temperature adhesive paper in the protected place to seal the tin through hole and the components that must be welded back;5, PCBA processing in the plug-in, staff need to take electrostatic ring, prevent static electricity, according to the components BOM list and plug-in components, figure, DIP plug-in can’t make any mistakes carefully;

6. For the inserted components, check whether they are inserted incorrectly or not;

7. For the PCB board with no problems in the plug-in, the next step is wave soldering. The wave soldering machine is used for welding treatment and strengthening components.

8. Remove the high-temperature adhesive paper, and then carry out inspection to observe whether the welded PCB board is in good condition;

9. The PCB board that has not been fully welded shall be rewelded for repair;

10. Then after welding, because some components cannot be welded through the wave soldering machine according to the limitation of technology and materials, and can only be completed by hand.

After the completion of welding, the PCB board shall undergo functional test to test whether all functions are normal, otherwise, maintenance test shall be conducted.

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