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Published by FASTPCBA12月 03,2018

What are the bad factors related to the pcba boards produced In the process of production of pcba...

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Published by FASTPCBA11月 27,2018

Pcb circuit board production process 1, Contact pcb manufacturer You need to contact the manufact...

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Published by FASTPCBA11月 23,2018

How to analyze printed circuit board component drop Printed circuit board component drop seems to...

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Published by FASTPCBA12月 11,2018

Printed circuit board packing of BGA 1. There are three advantages for IC adopting BGA packaging:...

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Published by FASTPCBA11月 21,2018

The relationship between PCB process COB and SMT patch Perform before COB process, it is necessar...

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Published by FASTPCBA11月 20,2018

The reason and solution of cold welding on SMT patch In the welding defects of SMT patch processi...

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Published by FASTPCBA3月 25,2019

What is a pcba one-stop service PCBA one-stop service is a broad concept. In the PCBA processing ...

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Published by FASTPCBA11月 19,2018

Printed wiring board component connection mode Before the advent of printed wiring board, the int...

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Published by FASTPCBA11月 13,2018

What is an FPC? FPC is short for flexible circuit board.Flexible PCB is made of polyimide or poly...

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Published by FASTPCBA11月 05,2018

What needs to be paid attention to for SMT patch? With the development of science and technology,...

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Published by FASTPCBA11月 05,2018

Basic introduction of SMT patch processing Features of SMT patch tool High assembly density, smal...

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Published by FASTPCBA11月 01,2018

How to detect PCB fault quickly Making PCB board is not as simple as finishing the board accordin...

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