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Published by FASTPCBA8月 30,2021

The vigorous development of the electronics industry has promoted the rapid development of many i...

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Published by FASTPCBA7月 20,2021

What preparations should be made before PCBA wave soldering soldering? PCBA soldering involves ma...

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Published by FASTPCBA7月 01,2021

Rogers PCB Board is a type of high-frequency board produced by Rogers. It is different from the c...

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Published by FASTPCBA5月 06,2021

PCBA testing refers to the testing of the PCBA board for IC programming, circuit continuity, curr...

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Published by FASTPCBA4月 29,2021

In SMT Assembly processing, there are many types of components, of which chip components are the ...

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Published by FASTPCBA4月 27,2021

When it comes to electronic products such as PCB boards, if there is no problem in the R&D te...

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Published by FASTPCBA4月 13,2021

Last time FASTPCBA shared with you what is the BGA Package (Ball Grid Array Package) and BGA clas...

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Published by FASTPCBA4月 10,2021

Via exists where there is a PCB: the wiring on different layers must be connected by via, the com...

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Published by FASTPCBA4月 02,2021

BGA Package In the 1990s, with the advancement of integration technology, the improvement of equi...

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Published by FASTPCBA4月 01,2021

Does the residue on PCBA affect the life of PCBA? The development trend of the electronic informa...

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Published by FASTPCBA3月 31,2021

With the development of electronic products to miniaturization and precision, the PCBA processing...

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Published by FASTPCBA3月 26,2021

As the size of the electronic components on the PCBA circuit board is getting smaller and smaller...

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