Necessary technician in SMT production

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 Necessary technician in SMT production

SMT is a high-tech, which has high quality requirements for the personnel who produce , not only skilled, but also pay attention to product quality, strong sense of responsibility, professional should have a clear division of labor.



1. SMT technical responsible person

SMT technical responsible person whose responsibility is to fully supervise the SMT engineering work; organize comprehensive craft design; propose SMT special equipment purchase plan; propose capital investment budget, and be responsible for the implementation of the “input guarantee” procedure; responsible for SMT “output Guarantee the implementation of the program; organize the project documentation work; research new crafts, continuously improve product quality and production efficiency; understand the development trend of SMT at domestic and abroad, investigate market development trends; and be responsible for technical training of trial personnel.


Coordinate SMT technologists to perform SMT design while undertaking external tasks. For customer-customized products, designed according to the product line schematic provided by the customer to provide excellent products.


2. SMT technologist

SMT technologist’s duties are to determine the products production process, compile the craft process; participate in the development of new products, assist the designer to do the craft design; familiar with the components / PCB and quality certification; familiar with the solder paste, adhesives glue craft performance and evaluation; Handle problems in production on-site, make timely records; master product quality dynamics, analyze the causes of quality fluctuations, promptly report treatment opinions to quality departments, supervise the execution of production line crafts; be responsible for organizing routine testing of products and others test; participate in product development and research work, and propose quality assurance plan.


3. SMT craft equipment engineer

The responsibility of SMT craft equipment engineers is to familiarize with the electromechanical working principle of SMT equipment; to be responsible for the installation and adjustment of equipment, to organize the technical training of operators and other related technical work; to be responsible for dispensing, pasting, mounting, welding, cleaning and testing. Selection of system equipment, preparation of acquisition plan; understanding of the latest states of various equipment in performance, price and development ; selection of auxiliary equipment, proposing technical requirements and plans for self-contained equipment; responsible for repair and maintenance of equipment, preparation of equipment maintenance plan.


4. SMT inspection engineer

The SMT inspection engineer is responsible for the quality inspection of SMA, preparing inspection instructions according to technical standards, proceeding technical training for inspectors, actively promoting and implementing quality regulations, and responsible for inspection technology and quality control, including needle bed design and inspection software preparation. Research and propose new methods for SMT quality management; master the latest states in test equipment development. Among them, you can use the first inspection product SMT intelligent first piece detector FAI-600 independently . The FAI600 first piece detector is the first instrument in China that subverts the traditional first piece detection method, and which is different from the traditional manual first test, FAI600 adopts advanced artificial intelligence system to carry out the first piece inspection conveniently, accurately and reliably, effectively eliminating human error and improving inspection efficiency by 80%.


5. Printed circuit board layout design engineer

The responsibility of the printed circuit board design engineer is: proficient in electrical principles and PCB CAD design; familiar with the SMC/SMD; familiar with the SMT craft (cooperating with the craftsman to discuss the product craft process).


6. Quality statistics administrator

The responsibility of the quality statistics administrator is to report the statistical and processing quality data to the relevant technical personnel in a timely manner; to master the ingredients of the purchased parts and external parts such as components, and to identify the manufacturers of the components according to the production date of the products. Reflect the quality of the components to the relevant personnel.


7. Production line leader

The responsibility of the production line leader is to implement the correct SMT craft, monitor the craft parameters, and communicate with the craftsman in time for the craft problems in production. Focus on monitoring the printing process of solder paste, as well as the pressure and speed of the printing machine scraper, to ensure high-quality printing effect; to maximize the production capacity of the equipment, reduce the auxiliary production time, the focus is on component loading time. The person in charge of the production line shall assess the utilization rate of the SMT production equipment and the straight-through rate of the product in the production line; be responsible for the quality of the products, and carry out the “three inspections” (first piece inspection, sampling inspection, final inspection). Once finding a quality problem, consult with the relevant personnel in a timely solution.


8. Precision printing machine, SMTmachine, reflow soldering furnace and other main equipment responsible operators

The responsibility of the operator of each main equipment such as precision printing machine, SMT machine, reflow soldering furnace are to be skilled and correctly operate the equipment (including programming); master the knowledge of equipment maintenance; memorize the environmental position of the equipment under normal conditions, such as light indication state, switch presence state, operating mechanical state, and other typical states of the equipment; master related auxiliary material properties and their application, storage methods; familiar with SMD and its storage methods.

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