Judge PCB circuit board quality from PCB color

PCB buyers are always confused about the PCB color, and they do not know what color PCB board is of high quality.Firstly, as a printed circuit board, PCB mainly provides interconnection between components.There is no direct relationship between color and performance,the difference in pigment does not affect electrical properties.The performance of a PCB is determined by the material used (high Q), the wiring design, and the number of layers.However, in the process of PCB washing, black is the most likely to cause color difference. If the raw materials and manufacturing craft used by the PCB factory are slightly different, the color difference will cause the rise of PCB defect rate which directly leads to increased production costs.

In fact, the raw materials of PCB are common in our daily life, namely glass fiber and resin.Glass fiber combined with resin, hardening, change into a heat insulation, insulation, and not easy to bend the board, this is PCB substrate.Of course, PCB substrate made of glass fiber and resin alone cannot conduct signals, so the manufacturer will cover the surface with a layer of copper, so PCB substrate can also be called copper clad substrate.

PCB color

Because the circuit wiring of black PCB is difficult to recognize, it will increase the difficulty of maintenance and debugging in the r&d and after-sales stage. Generally, black PCB will not be used easily without the brand of RD(r&d) designer with profound skills and powerful maintenance team.It can be said that the adoption of black PCB is a manifestation of a brand’s confidence in RD design and maintenance team in the later stage. Laterally,it is also a reflection of manufacturers’ confidence in their own strength.

Due to the above reasons, major manufacturers will carefully consider when choosing PCB design for their products.Therefore, most of the products with large market shipments in that year adopt red PCB, green PCB or blue PCB version, and black PCB can only be seen in high-end or top flagship products, so customers should not think black PCB is better than green PCB.


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