FASTPCBA explains the interconnection mode of PCB

637 Published by FASTPCBA 10月 24,2018

FASTPCBA explains the interconnection mode of PCB

PCB interconnection mode

Both electronic components and electromechanical components have electrical contacts, and the electrical connection between two discrete contacts is called interconnection.Electronic equipment must be connected according to the circuit diagram to achieve the intended function.

As a component of the whole machine, a PCB circuit board cannot generally form an electronic product, and there must be a problem of external connection.Electrical connections are required between printed boards, printed boards and external components, and between printed boards and equipment panels.It is one of the important contents of PCB design to select the connection with the best combination of reliability, technology and economy.There are many ways of external connection, which should be flexibly selected according to different characteristics.

PCB interconnection mode one. Welding mode

The advantages of this connection mode are simple, low cost and high reliability, which can avoid the failure caused by poor contact.The disadvantage is that the exchange, maintenance is not convenient.This method is generally applicable to the case where the component has few external leads.

1. PCB wire welding

This method does not require any connectors, just use the wire to directly weld the external connection point on the PCB circuit board to the components or other parts outside the board.Such as the radio horn, battery box, and so on.

Note for circuit board interconnection welding:

(1) welding wire pads should be positioned at the edge of PCB as far as possible and arranged in a uniform size for welding and maintenance.

(2) in order to improve the mechanical strength of the wire connection and avoid pulling the solder pan or printed wire off due to the wire being pulled, drill holes near the solder spot on the PCB printed circuit board and let the conductor pass through the through hole from the solder surface of the printed circuit board, and then insert the solder pan hole from the component surface for welding.

(3) arrange or tie the wires neatly, and fix them with the plate through the wire clip or other fasteners, so as to avoid the wire breaking due to movement.



2. PCB wiring welding

The two PCB PCB plates are connected by a line, which is reliable and not prone to wrong connection, and the relative position of the two PCB plates is not limited.

Direct welding between printed boards, which is often used for a 90-degree Angle connection between two printed boards.Connect and become a whole PCB component.

Circuit board interconnection mode two: plug connection mode

In more complex instruments and equipment, the connector is often used.This “building block” structure not only guarantees the quality of mass production, reduces the cost of the system, but also provides convenience for debugging and maintenance.When equipment failure occurs, maintenance personnel do not have to check the component level (that is, check the cause of failure and trace the source to specific components.This work takes a considerable amount of time). As long as you decide which plate is abnormal, you can immediately replace it, eliminate the fault in the shortest time, shorten the downtime, and improve the utilization rate of the equipment.The replaced circuit board can be repaired in sufficient time and used as spare parts after repair.

1. PCB socket

This connection method is often used in more complex instruments and equipment.This method is to make the plug from the edge of PCB board. The plug part is designed according to the size of the socket, the number of points, the distance of the contact point, the position of the positioning hole, etc., so that it matches the special PCB circuit board socket.

In plate making, the part of plug needs to be plated to improve wear resistance and reduce contact resistance.

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