Industrial control PCB circuit board maintenance methods

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Industrial control PCB circuit board maintenance methods:

PCB circuit board maintenance is divided into map maintenance and no map maintenance.

The maintenance method is to refer to the schematic diagram, analyze the circuit principle and signal trend, and then test the signals on the key points. In this case, it is easy to maintain the circuit. However, many PCB PCB boards do not have schematic diagram.Industrial control PCB

Professional maintenance company, PCB maintenance is almost all unmapped maintenance, I myself this few years unmapped repair PCB PCB experience to communicate with you under the hope that the masters give advice.

A PCB circuit board is made up of circuit boards, components and software. I personally believe that the ability of maintenance personnel and maintenance tools such as detection are very important when repairing PCB.Modern PCB is hard to do if you just rely on one person’s experience and lack the necessary tools to repair it.

Industrial control PCB

You are facing different boards in different ways during maintenance.But the basic idea is to find the bad components to replace and repair.Shall we just replace all the available components on the board?I tried to change also can not, some components need debugging, pay attention to the overall effect.

Use online tester and other tools like mine sweep, mark each component and compare VI curves.That way you can find part of the fault but you don’t have to fix the board all the time, “because the chip that the online tester passed wasn’t necessarily damaged.The chip that passed the test is not necessarily undamaged.”And not every component can be found in the component library, the machine PCB circuit board is constantly updated, so your detection tool should be constantly updated.

Maintenance personnel’s quality directly affect the success or failure of maintenance, in the absence of any schematic condition to a relatively new PCB circuit boards for repair, in addition to the hardware strength also need to know about circuit principle and the structure is very deep maintenance engineer, when he saw a strange piece of PCB circuit boards, should be carefully observed hardware structure determine the role of the board, ask the customer what the board in this machine when times what kind of warning.

When determining the function of a PCB, the block diagram of the second PCB should be constructed in the mind. The analysis of alarm information is the link where the fault occurs, and it may be the several components, which should be replaced before testing.If you’re going to ask since the repairman is so bad that he doesn’t do the design, he’s still here?In fact, design and maintenance are both profitable, we are not less than bad for maintenance personnel, and maintenance is more challenging, you face different things every day, I still like to find problems and repair the feeling.

It is also very important for the staff to do the repair work. PCB repair is a very delicate work with a lot of components and PCB and easy to damage, so the operation should be very careful and require the necessary fixtures and other auxiliary tools.Disassembly, welding and so on to be skilled before starting to think of a complete operation process, to avoid unnecessary damage.

To have the program chip, can backup backup as far as possible backup, do not allow backup do not move.If a chip with a program is found to be damaged and no replacement is found, the PCB cannot be fixed.

Professional testing tools are required for the detection of circuit boards and components, such as wire breakage inside the multi-layer circuit boards and virtual welding of components.

Maintenance in addition to find bad things repaired, is one of the hardest test they have repaired and debugging and so on, no matter how do you repair, eventually to be loaded on the machine tool use, and the hands of PCB circuit boards must be sent to customer is good, it will be before sending out computer test, my company to purchase a large number of experimental test bed of maintenance, and according to the customer’s board simulation test, to ensure to the customer’s PCB circuit board can be normal use, do not delay the production.

If you are interested in repairing PCB, repair tools and equipment are essential. Be familiar with the hardware and look at the new components and their applications.Because every PCB upgrade is based on a hardware upgrade.More hands-on maintenance of complex PCB circuit boards can constantly improve your maintenance capabilities.

Industrial control PCB

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