Automotive control system circuit board

876 Published by FASTPCBA 1月 08,2018

Automotive electronics is considered a revolution in the development of automotive technology. The degree of automotive electronics is seen as an important indicator of the level of modern cars, and is the most important technical measure to develop new models and improve automotive performance. Increasing the number of automotive electronic devices and promoting the electronicization of automobiles is an important and effective means to seize the future automotive market. On average, the proportion of electronic devices per automobile accounts for more than 23% of the total automobile manufacturing costs. The number of single-chip microcomputers has reached 48pcs, and electronic products account for more than 50% of of the whole automobile cost for some limousines.

The most important function of automotive electronics is to improve the safety, comfort, economy and entertainment of the automobile. An electronic control system consisting of a sensor, a microprocessor MPU, an actuator, dozens or even hundreds of electronic components and their components.



In the past 15 years, FASTPCBA has focused on automotive electronic circuit board manufacturing, component procurement and SMT mounting processing, and has achieved IATF16949 quality system standards, providing high-quality one-stop service for domestic and foreign automotive electronics.


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