Industrial control circuit board

803 Published by FASTPCBA 1月 08,2018

With the development of computer technology, communication technology and control technology, the traditional control field is undergoing an unprecedented change and is beginning to develop in the direction of networking. The structure of the control system evolved from the original CCS (Computer Centralized Control System) to the second generation of DCS (Distributed Control System) to the current popular FCS (Fieldbus Control System).

The industrial control system is the requirement for large data volume and high-rate transmission such as image and voice signals, and it has also spawned the combination of Ethernet and control networks that are currently popular in the commercial field. The networked wave of industrial control systems has merged many popular technologies such as embedded technology, multi-standard industrial control network interconnection, and wireless technology, thus expanding the development space in the industrial control field and bringing new development opportunities.



In the past 15 years, FASTPCBA has focused on one stop service for industrial control system ,circuit board manufacturing, component procurement, SMT mounting processing, functional testing and finished products package assembly.

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