How to wash the pcba

After the PCBA processing process is completed, it is often seen that there are many residues on the surface of the PCBA. Which not only affect the appearance, but also affect the quality of the PCBA. Therefore, the cleaning of the PCBA is very important. Next, we will introduce the manual cleaning and automatic cleaning method.

First, manual cleaning

Generally, small and medium-sized PCBA processing factories use manual cleaning methods due to relatively low cost and cost-effective. Manual cleaning tools mainly include: cleaning tanks, spray cans, brushes, IPA or VIGON EFM, gloves, deionized water, wipes, air guns, sealed bags.


Manual cleaning steps

1. Cleaningthe board in IPA or VIGON EFM, or spray IPA and EFM onto the board surface, using approximately 10 ml per 4 square inches.

2. Usingmoist soft short brush to wipe the board continuously for about 10 seconds.

3. Rinsingwith deionized water, about 10 ml per 4 square inches. Effectively remove potential contaminant residues.

4. Holdingthe edge of the board and wipingoff the excess deionized water with a clean, lint-free cloth.

5. Visually inspect the cleanliness of the circuit board.

6. If necessary, usingwind gun to dry the circuit board.

7. If the board or component needs to be stored for a period of time before coating, placingthemin a sealed bag which containing desiccant.


Second, automatic cleaning

The automatic cleaning technics is divided into three methods: water cleaning, semi-aqueous cleaning and solvent cleaning.

The mainly tools and materials for automated cleaning are: water washers, deionized water systems, conductivity testers, beakers, deionized water.

Automated cleaning operation steps

1.Production of deionized water: Deionized water was produced by using an electrodialysis apparatus and an ion exchange resin tank.

2. Conductivity test: The conductivity of the water after electrodialysis and ion exchange resin cans is tested separately usingconductivity tester. If they meet the requirements of the index, they can be used for water cleaning.

3. Introducingwater washing machine: introducing deionized water in the water storage tank to the water washing machine.

4. Settingthe parameters of the washing machine: the flushing chamber and the rinsing chamber are set to 60±10°C; the drying chamber is setto 60 ° C ~ 90 ° C.

5.Setting the chain speed: generally control chain speed at 50 ~ 150cm / min.

After the PCBA cleaning is completed, taking it out from the cleaning machine and storing it in the anti-static turnover container. The anti-static turnover container is required to be clean and dust-free to avoid secondary pollution of the PCBA after cleaning.

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