How to make a circuit board? What are the steps?


The name of the circuit board is:  PCB board, aluminum substrate, high frequency board, PCB, ultra-thin pwb board, ultra-thin printed circuit board, printing (copper etching technology  pcb board, etc. The rigid-flex pcb makes the circuit miniaturized and visualized. It plays an important role in mass production of fixed circuits and optimization of electrical layout.

circuit board

circuit board

1. According to the spacing of the components and pins used, draw the wiring diagram 1:1 according to the circuit schematic diagram.


2. Cuttingthe copper plate (which can be purchased online) to the required size. Clean the copper surface with decontamination powder or clean. If there is oxidation, it needs to be polished with very fine sandpaper.


3.Drawingthe painted wiring diagram and use carbon paper to draw the copper surface of the circuit board.


4.With a very fine brush, trace the mixed paint over the lines drawn on the copper plate.Solder joint, dip the                   match head with paint point, can form the pad.


5.After the paint is completely dry, trim the lines with a knife to make it as straight as possible without burrs.


6. Dilutingthe block of ferric chloride (available at chemical paint shops) with hot water. The water temperature is about 40 degrees. Pour into a corrosion-resistant vessel, put the circuit board that has been naturally dried, and lightly shake to speed up corrosion. Waitinguntil the bare copper portion without lines is completely corroded and rinse off with water.


7. Scrubbingthe paint on the circuit board with banana water, and then drill the hole at the pad with a drill with a diameter of 0.6-1 mm.


8.Apply a rosin alcohol flux to the finished board.


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