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37 Published by admin 7月 26,2018

How is PCB made

The process starts with Glass Epoxy or similar PCB “baseplates”.The first step in production was to draw the online wiring between the parts by “printing” the circuit negatives of the designed PCB circuit board on metal conductors using Subtractive transfer.

The trick is to coat the entire surface with a thin layer of copper foil and eliminate the excess.If the two panels are made, copper foil will be placed on both sides of the PCB substrate.And want to do multilayer board to be able to do a good two double panel with special adhesive “press close” rise.

Next, the drilling and plating required for the connector components can be carried out on the PCB board.After a Hole is drilled by a machine as required, the Hole must be Plated (Plated Through Hole technology, PTH).After metal treatment inside the hole, the wires in the inner layer can be connected to each other.

Before starting the electroplating, it is necessary to clear out the impurities in the hole.This is because the resin epoxy will produce some chemical changes when heated, and it will cover the inner PCB layer, so it needs to be cleaned out first.Both removal and plating are carried out in the chemical process.Next, you need to cover the soldering paint (soldering ink) over the outermost wiring so that the wiring does not touch the plating part.

Then, various components are marked on the circuit board to mark the position of each component. It cannot be covered on any wiring or gold finger, otherwise it may reduce the weldability or stability of the current connection.In addition, if there is a metal connection, the gold finger is usually coated with gold to ensure a high quality current connection when the expansion slot is inserted.

And finally, testing.Test the PCB for short circuit or broken circuit conditions. Use optical or electronic testing.Optical scanning is used to find defects in each layer, and electronic testing usually USES a Flying Probe to check all connections.Electronic tests are more accurate in finding short or broken circuits, but optical tests can more easily detect incorrect gaps between conductors.

How is PCB made

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