Electronic components welding craft in SMT processing

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Electronic components welding craft in SMT processing

Welding is an important craft in the assembly process of electronic products. The welding quality directly affects the work performance of electronic circuits and electronic devices. Excellent welding quality can provide good stability and reliability for the circuit. Poor welding methods can lead to component damage, which brings great difficulties to the test, and sometimes leaves hidden dangers and affects the reliability of electronic equipment.

As the complexity of electronic products increases, more and more components are used. Some electronic products (especially some large electronic devices) use hundreds of thousands of components, and the quantity of solder joints is tens of thousands. Even a defective solder joint in the SMT processing will affect the reliability of the entire product. Welding quality is the key to the quality of electronic products. Therefore, mastering skilled welding operations skills is very important for the first-line production technicians.

PCBA welding

PCBA welding

Welding is generally divided into three categories: contact welding, fusion welding and brazing.

1,Contact welding: During the welding process, the welding must be applied with pressure (heated or not heated) to complete the welding. Such as ultrasonic welding, pulse welding, friction welding, etc.

2,Fusion welding: Fusion welding refers to the method of heating the weldment joint to the molten state during the welding process and completing the welding without applying pressure. Such as arc welding, gas welding, etc.

3,Brazing: Brazing uses a metal material that is lower than the melting point of the weldment as a solder, and heats the weldment and the solder to a temperature higher than the melting point of the solder and lower than the melting point of the soldered material, and is wetted soldered material by the liquid solder. And interdiffuse with the object to be welded to achieve the connection.

Brazing can be divided into hard brazing and soft soldering according to the melting point of the solder used. A solder with a melting point higher than 4500C is called hard brazing; while below 4500c is called soft brazing. The so-called “welding” in the installation craft of electronic products is a kind of soft brazing, which mainly uses low-melting alloy materials such as tin and lead as solder, so it is commonly called “tin soldering”.

The mechanism of welding: The welding of electronic circuits seems to be simple. It seems to be only the process of combining molten solder with the metal to be soldered (base metal), but the microscopic mechanism is very complicated. It involves physics, chemistry, and materials science, electrical and other related knowledge.Only familiar with the basic theory of welding, that you’ll be able to deal with all kinds of problems in the welding with ease, so as to improve the welding quality of the welding joints.

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