How to distinguish whether PCB factory is reliable?

125 Published by FASTPCBA 2月 28,2019

How to distinguish whether PCB factory is reliable?

We usually call SMT patch processing OEM processing plant as the electronic manufacturing service industry, so how to identify an SMT pcb factory needs to consider from multiple aspects:

1.Whether the technology of this factory is advanced or not should be seen,

2. Quality of service,

3. Whether the quality is guaranteed,

4. Whether the production machine can keep up with the requirements of electronic processing industry standards,

5. Whether the inquiry made by customers is timely and correct,

6. Can the product be delivered on time,

7. Do you have any processing experience for the products involved by customers,

8, whether to the environment, see the details of the chapter,

9. Customer satisfaction and quality of cooperative customers.

PCB factory

Because electronic manufacturing services for quality and professional degree is quite high, generally choose a pcb factory is not a single person can complete, usually at least should be procurement staff or business personnel, engineering, quality management personnel to participate in together, because each one different Spain, identify key will also be different.Basically, there are the following points:

1. Purchasing personnel and business personnel focus on the price and delivery date of products,

While engineers focus on technology process capability and equipment,

3. Quality control personnel focus on product quality control,

The rest is what everyone should pay attention to.

Process capability assessment: repair capability, welding and repair capability of parts, execution capability, integrity, how to operate special-shaped parts, how to operate packaging, how to operate disk packaging, how to avoid wrong material, whether there is PCB design for customer reference, whether there is the ability to provide PCB design.Ability of solder paste to recover temperature, unseal and keep for a long time.So how to choose a strong SMT processing manufacturers?

PCB factory

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How to distinguish whether PCB factory is reliable?

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