What are the details of PCB dissection

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What are the details of PCB dissection

Dissection of PCB board is an important content in PCB design.But because it involves sandpaper grinding board (a harmful work), line tracing (a simple and repeated labor), many designers do not want to engage in this work.

Many designers even think that printed circuit board dissection is not a technical job, as junior designers can be qualified with a little training.This kind of concept has certain universality, but just like a lot of work, the dissection of PCB board still exists a few skills.If designers master these skills, it can save a lot of time and labor.Let’s talk about this knowledge in detail. printed circuit board sampling:



PCB board dissection process

1, Remove the components on the original board.

2, Scan the original board to get the graphics file

 3, Grind the surface layer to get the middle layer.

4, Scan the middle layer to get the graphics file.

5, Repeat steps 2-4 times until all layers are processed.

6, Use special software to convert the graphics file into electrical relationship file — –PCB diagram.If with the right software, the designer can simply trace the graph.

7, Check and complete the design.

Dissection of PCB board, especially for multi-layer PCB board, is a time-consuming and laborious work, which involves a lot of repeated labor.Designers must be patient and careful enough, or they can easily make mistakes.The key to PCB design is to replace manual repetitive work with suitable software, which saves time and is accurate.

1.Dissection process must use a scanner.

Many designers are used to drawing lines directly on PCB design systems such as PROTEL, PADSOR, or CAD.This habit is very bad.The scanned graph file is not only the basis of PCB file conversion, but also the basis of later inspection.Use scanner can reduce labor difficulty and intensity greatly.It is no exaggeration to say that if the scanner can be fully used, even without design experience personnel can complete PCB board dissection work.

2.Single-direction grinding plate.

Some designers in order to pursue the speed, the choice of two-way grinding board (that is, from the front and rear surface to the middle layer to grid off the board layer).This is big mistake.Because the two-way grinding plate is very easy to wear through, resulting in damage to other layers, the consequence can be imagined.The outer layer of printed circuit board is the hardest and the middle layer is the softest due to the craft and copper foil and solder plate.Therefore, to the middle layer, the problem is more serious, often unable to polish.In addition, the printed circuit board produced by various manufacturers are different in quality, hardness and elasticity, so it is difficult to grind accurately.

PCB dissection refers to the process of obtaining schematic diagram and board diagram ( printed circuit board diagram) according to the original printed circuit board.The goal is to do later development.Later development includes installation of components, deep testing, circuit modification, etc.Because it doesn’t belong to printed circuit board dissection category but is related the later, so do an brief introduction without expatiate.

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