What should be considered in PCB design 2

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What should be considered in PCB design

In the previous article, we talked about the first three points that should be paid attention to in PCB desig, this article continues to explore the remaining three points.

pcb design

pcb design

4, Design of PCB resistance welding

In the solder resistance is relatively easy problems, in some copper or on the line to expose the copper.Resistance welding in the copper sheet, for example to put on extra window, to facilitate heat dissipation, or go online to dew copper in some large current, the another increase in resistance welding is commonly in the Soldermask layer, but also create a new layer, some R&D on mechanical layer, on banning wiring layer, multifarious, what all have, this also don’t say, specific instructions are not hard to understand.I think the best one is to put the TOP Soldermask or BOTTOMSoldermasK layer, which is the best one to be understood.In addition, it is necessary to explain whether the green oil bridge in the IC should be retained.(PCB design)

5, PCB character design

Has the most important character is the character word wide high design requirements, some board this aspect also is not very good, the same size components appear even several characters, I think as manufacturers are not beautiful, I think these must learn from the motherboard manufacturer, rows of component characters, the same size, let a person look have a feast for the eyes.In fact, the best character design is more than 0.80* 0.15mm, manufacturers do screen printing process is also better;There are also some large white oil blocks, such as on the crystal, or some plate-insert, some manufacturers to cover the pad with white oil, some to expose the pad, these must also be explained;Also encountered some screen printing position misalignment, such as the resistance and capacitance character replacement, but these errors are very few;There are also signs that need to be added, such as UL mark, ROHS mark, PB mark, manufacturer’s LOGO and number.(PCB design)

design pcb drawing

design pcb drawing

6, Design of PCB shape

Now few board is the rectangle, is irregular, but mainly there are several kinds of line painting outside box, let a person cannot choose, on the other hand, now because in order to improve the utilization rate of equipment (SMT) for instance, all want to puzzle V – CUT, but the spell of plate spacing is different, some have spacing, some no spacing, to make the first factory proofing batch is good, if only to the back to change suppliers more troublesome, if the second factory is not in accordance with the first factory to spell, stencil can’t set up.So in the absence of special circumstances, it is best not to spell space;Another is out of the design may be some documents shall draw a small rectangle slot hole on the shape layer, this kind of situation in the PROTEL software design documents are common, relative to the PADS are better, think on the shape layer, the manufacturer will easily misinterpreted as this Kong Chong out or make NPTH properties, for some attributes to PTH, would be easy to a problem.(PCB design)

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