On the comprehensive standard of supplier of purchasing components by SMT patch processing in FASTPCBA

687 Published by FASTPCBA 4月 23,2018

In the field of SMT processing, procurement standard process can be divided into “strategic purchasing” and “order to coordinate the two links, strategic procurement including our supplier development and management, order coordination is mainly responsible for customer order material purchasing plan, back to a single work and supplier delivery payment and procurement aspects.For supplier development and management is the core of the whole jing state SMT processing system, are also at the heart of the procurement system, procurement staff achievements related to the performance of the jing state purchasing department and staff performance appraisal.Therefore, the procurement staff must have a certain audit capability for the suppliers of materials.To really save money for the company.Supplier standard

The contents of the supplier development of FASTPCBA procurement components are as follows: supply market competition analysis;Seeking qualified suppliers;Evaluation of potential suppliers;Supplier’s inquiry and quotation;Negotiations on the terms of the contract;Final vendor selection.

In most SMT patch processing peers, the basic principles of material components for supplier development are “quality, cost, delivery and service”.Among the four, quality factors are the most important to audit the supplier.For quality standards, the first to confirm whether the supplier to establish a stable and effective quality assurance system, and then confirm whether the supplier is required to produce a specific product equipment and process capability.Supplier standard.Secondly, the cost and price should be applied to the cost analysis of the products involved, and the procurement should realize cost savings through win-win price negotiation.In terms of delivery, it is necessary to determine whether the supplier has sufficient production capacity, whether the supplier’s human resources meet the criteria of our selection, and whether there is a chance to expand the potential of production capacity.Finally, it is very important that the supplier’s attitude towards pre-sale and after-sales service and the views of former colleagues.

In the process of supplier development to the device, the first supplier for the classification of the dynamic market competition analysis, to understand who are the market leader in this industry, what is the trend of the development of the market at present, the major suppliers in the market positioning is how of, so as to have a ballpark knowledge of potential suppliers.At the same time, you can also give a suggestion to your colleagues in the design department to try to use the mainstream components of the market to reduce costs.Supplier standard.

On the basis of these analyses, the purchasing department of FASTPCBA can establish preliminary supplier database and make corresponding product classification.Generally fall into the following categories: device category, auxiliary materials, mechanical three categories.Supplier standard.

Knowledge of supplier information should include: the supplier registered, registered capital, the main shareholder structure, production site, equipment, personnel, main products, major customers, production capacity, etc.By analyzing this information, the process capability, the stability of the supply, the reliability of the resources, and its comprehensive competitiveness can be assessed.Among these suppliers, a supplier inspection directory can be obtained after eliminating suppliers that are obviously not suitable for further cooperation.Next, it is important to arrange a field trip to the supplier.When necessary in terms of audit team, quality department, together with process engineer can be invited to participate in, they will not only bring professional knowledge and experience, common audit experience will also help the company internal communication and coordination.In the field, should use unified score card to assess, and focused on a review of its management system, such as work instructions and other documents, quality records, etc., ing, can’t miss.Supplier standard.

For small batch products, the core of the negotiation is the delivery period, which requires its quick response capability.For assembly line, continuous production of products, the core is the price.Supplier standard.But make sure the supplier has a reasonable profit margin.

In fact, every vendor is an expert in their field, and it’s often surprising to hear more from vendors.Another important aspect is the hidden cost.The procurement cycle, inventory, transportation and so on are all invisible costs, and the qualified suppliers should be included in the timely delivery system to minimize inventory and reduce the total cost of the company.Supplier standard

The above is the general standard of the supplier of purchasing devices.

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