Cause of component displacement in SMT process

49 Published by FASTPCBA 5月 22,2019

Cause of component displacement in SMT process

The main purpose of SMT processing is to accurately mount the surface-mount components to the fixed position of the PCB. In the process of mounting processing, some process problems occur sometimes, which affects the quality of the mounting, such as the displacement of components. The displacement of the components that appear in the processing of the mounting is a foreshadowing of several other problems in the soldering process of the component board, which needs attention. So what is the reason for components shift in the SMT processing? Below the FASTPCBA SMT processing manufacturers introduce and analyze for everyone.



Reasons for component displacement during SMT processing:

1,The use time of solder paste is limited. After the service period is exceeded, the flux will be deteriorated and the soldering will be poor.

2,The stickiness of the solder paste itself is not enough, and the components are oscillated and shaken during handling, which causes the components to shift.

3,The flux content in the solder paste is too high, and the excessive flux flow during the reflow process causes the components to slip.

4,The components are displaced during the handling process after printing and placement due to vibration or improper handling.

5,In SMTprocessing, the air pressure of the nozzle is not adjusted well, and the pressure is not enough, causing the components to shift.

6,The mechanical problems of the placement machine itself have caused the components to be placed in the wrong position.

Once the component shift occurs in the SMT processing, it will affect the performance of the board. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cause of the component shift during the processing and solve the problem.

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