Common problems of FPC in production process

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Common problems of FPC flexible pcb in production process

1. After dry film or wet film treatment, lateral erosion and concave corrosion occur in the line etching process, resulting in insufficient line width or uneven line.The reason lies in improper selection of wet and dry film materials, improper exposure parameters and poor performance of exposure machine.The problems may be caused by a series of factors such as developing, etching section sprinkler adjustment, unreasonable adjustment of related parameters, improper concentration range of liquid medicine and improper transmission speed.However, we often find that there is no abnormality after checking the above parameters and the performance of related equipment. However, problems such as overetching and concave etching of the circuit board still occur when making the board.What’s the reason?

flexible PCB

flexible PCB

Second, the graphics are doing PCB electroplating, PCB, FPC terminal surface treatment such as heavy gold, gold, tin, tin and other technology processing, we often find to board on the edge of the wet film or resistance weld edge, the phenomenon of the plating layer, or most of the board, or places, in either case will bring unnecessary scrap or bad bring unnecessary trouble for section after processing, and ultimately discarded, it hurts!The reason analysis is usually considered to be the wet and dry film parameters, material performance problems;Soldering ink such as hardboard, film covering for soft board, or in the printing, pressing, curing and other sections of the problem.Indeed, each of these places can cause the problem to occur.Then we are also puzzled that there is no problem or problem solved in the above step section after inspection, but there will still be seepage phenomenon.What else is missing?

The circuit board will be tin tested before shipment. Of course, the customer will solder the components when using.Two stages will appear likely, or will appear on the stage or immersion tin solder is bubbly, stripping substrate, is to do the tape test ink peel strength, the tensile test of soft board covering film peel strength when there will be a printing ink can be obviously stripping or covering film peel strength is insufficient or inequality problems, especially to the customers of this kind of problem precision SMT SMT customer is absolutely not acceptable.Once the solder stripper occurs during welding, it will not be able to accurately paste the original parts, which will lead to the loss of a large number of components and the delay of work. The PCB factory will also face huge losses such as money deduction, material replenishment and even loss of customers.So what do we usually do when we encounter these problems?We usually analyze the problem of soldering (ink, covering) material.It is not screen printing, laminating, curing phase there is a problem;Is there something wrong with the plating solution? etc.

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