Do you know the color of PCB board?

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Do you know the color of PCB board

What is the color of PCB board, as the name suggests, when you get a PCB board, the most intuitive to see the board oil color, is what we generally refer to the PCB board color, common colors are green, blue, red and black and so on.I’m sure you don’t know the basics, right?

1, green ink is so far only the most widely used, the longest historical events, and in the current market is also the cheapest, so green is used by a large number of manufacturers as the main color of their products.This is small make up to see the production line of the most color board.

Why are most PCB boards green?

Generally speaking, the whole PCB board product must go through the process of plate making and SMT, etc. In the process of plate making, there are several procedures that must go through the yellow light room, because the effect of green in the yellow light room is better than other colors, but this is not the main reason.In SMT welding components, PCB should go through solder paste and patch and the final AOI calibration lamp process, these processes learn to optical positioning calibration, there is a green background color to the instrument identification effect is better.Now you understand!The green PCB board is actually the choice that engineers work hard to improve product quality.

PCB color

PCB color

2, Common PCB colors are red, yellow, green, blue and black.However, due to the production process and other problems, the quality inspection procedures of many lines still have to rely on the naked eye of workers to observe and identify (of course, most of the current use of flying needle testing technology).Under the condition of strong light, the eyes are constantly staring at the board. This is the working process of very old liu. Relatively speaking, green is the least harmful to the eyes.

3, The principle of blue and black is that cobalt and carbon lamp elements are added respectively, which have certain electrical conductivity. Short circuit is likely to occur in the case of electrification.

Car pcba board

4, Since the middle and late period of the last century, the industry has begun to pay attention to the color of PCB board, mainly because many high-end board types of first-tier large factories adopt green PCB board color design, so people gradually believe that the color of PCB must be high-end if it is green.

In fact, it is better to use green PCB for various reasons.

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